Firstly, thank you for visiting my blog. I’m not going to talk about myself, you’ll find that on the About Me page of my blog.

This blog is a personal blog in which I write about anything and everything such as attending and now graduating from University, life after whilst currently working. If you would like to read about Student Life then click on the link within this sentence. You’ll also find a Life section in which I mainly blog about running, do a daily prompt; Daily Prompt: ObsessedDaily Prompt: Panic and anything that I’m interested in or have an opinion on. And finally an Entertainment section which includes reviews and recommendations of what I’ve seen, heard, read etc.

There are sub menus dotted throughout the site, if you hover over them they will open up and you can see more page options.

Secondly, the blog is still a ‘work in progress’ so, it may change and alter from time to time as I learn more about using WordPress. I’ll try and post consistently but sometimes around assignment time or if I just have writers block that may not be possible.

And Finally, again thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoyed reading it and visit again.