Getting Over The Hill

Yes, it’s a hill!

I am an ex amateur athlete which basically means up until the age of 14 I used to compete for my school, take part in an athletics club and keep fit regularly. But then, an unfortunate incident occurred- I fell down some stairs which led to torn ligaments, bruises and a swollen foot. I wasn’t allowed to complete any sports activity for six weeks so that, what I had injured inside my ankle could strengthen. As someone who had always competed in some sort of sport till that point, I was upset understandably and even more so after the six week mark when my fitness wasn’t as good and I couldn’t run far before it was painful on my ankle. So, as most teenagers do, I gave up and stopped sports further declining my fitness and for all intensive purposes I became as close to a girly girl, as I have ever become.

Over the next few years, as it got to the end of secondary school, I had decided to start going to the gym-upset by the way I looked and wanting to gain some fitness back, also it was soon to be prom. I enjoyed the gym for a while but still yearned to be outside. On the plus side, my ankle began to improve as I attended the gym- it got stronger although I’ll never be 100%. During college, I went to the gym sporadically but enough to keep up a level of fitness.

At the beginning of my first year of university, I decided to begin running again and so, I spoke to my dad- member of a running club and has been competing in marathons, half-marathons, 10k, 5k, 3k and so on and he started myself running again. I was overjoyed to find my fitness was fine however, it is much more difficult running out in the world to a treadmill despite being able alter the machine there is nothing to compare to running on the roads and in the countryside including the fact that my ankle, felt more pressure running on changing environments. However, as I moved for my second year of university my motivation dissipated. I wasn’t sure where to run, if it was safe in the city etc until recently, when I mapped out a route on my computer of 3 miles that included a loop of the park near my house.

Now, getting over the hill- you may be wondering why I chose this title in particular. I have two reasons; firstly, getting over my injury was an uphill battle it knocked the wind out of me and secondly, on this 3 mile route there is a hill at the beginning of the park that I literally struggle on every time although I have made it 3/4 of the way up before needing to walk now! So, as you can see getting over the hill is quite relevant.

I’m not the fittest or the thinnest person but I’m getting there and I just wanted to create a post showing that you may be a beginner or like myself getting back into sport but it is possible to gain confidence, get back to yourself. Honestly, you do not even have to start by running just go for a walk and as you gain more confidence begin to run. My father runs because he does races, I run for fun and to relieve stress and so, you don’t have to compete if you don’t want to. It can simply be about looking after yourself.

Furthermore, I more recently discovered yoga is seriously just as much as a workout as running, so mix it up search videos online and try them out. At the end of the day whether you want to begin running or pick up after a long break-its up to you but getting over the hill is the hardest thing to do and once you’ve done that you can do anything.


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