Daily Prompt: Obsessed

I’ve never actually seen these daily prompts before but as I logged in, I thought it would be interesting to post on. So let me start with a quote:

“When passion meets inspiration an obsession is born.”

At the moment, we have the Olympics and there is a huge amount of athletes over a huge number of disciplines all passionate and inspired by their sports thus, there obsession is revealed. It begins to make you wonder what your own obsession is, we all have one or two or maybe more but we don’t always reveal our obsession to everyone else. I call these secret obsessions, its something just for you to enjoy and nobody else. But, I’m going to reveal my secret obsession…books!

A lot of people who know me have seen the vast number of books I own and only my family really see how attached I am to these fictional worlds always taking care of my books but nobody knows or can understand the excitement I get just by reading. As an avid reader, I’ve always been passionate about books and reading as my parents found out growing up, if I was quiet and they couldn’t find me I was tucked in a corner reading a book with a huge smile on my face.

Each book set provides a new world, new characters to fall in love with and cheer for and a new happiness for myself as each story is different. As an introvert its easy to get into books, it provides an escape from the real world but through reading these books I’m inspired to go out into the world and try reach the goals I set out for example completing my first 5.3 mile run.

I could go on and on about books for a while so I’m just going to reveal this tiny part of my obsession however I would like to leave people with this- whatever your obsession is, whether its books, films, photography just embrace it. We all have obsessions, we all have secret obsessions so, never be ashamed to have an obsession with something.

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