What’s the Problem with Tattoos?

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Recently, on the social media grapevine I heard that research had been completed suggesting that some employers, not all will not hire a potential applicant with tattoos as they consider it unacceptable. I’m blogging about this for two reason; firstly, I have two tattoos on my own body and secondly, I believe that tattoos should not be a barrier for gaining a job. I would like to point out this is my blog and I do not mean to offend anyone, if this happens.

The stigma behind getting a tattoo is still attached, its considered taboo in some cases. In fact, even some of my own family still believe in the stigma meanwhile, the other half have tattoos… I understand that if your tattoos are out there and cannot be covered it may be an issue to the employer even, I have misgivings about getting a face tattoo. But, I think we are in an advanced enough society that people will not be offended if the person getting their coffee has tattoos on his/her arms. I’ve never once heard someone say they will not be served by a person because they are offended by the art on their arms and I cannot quite wrap my head around someone going to a manager to specifically complain because they saw a tattoo. If that were the case, those people would never leave the house at all.

Getting a tattoo is permanent and many of us, there are a few that don’t get tattoos because they mean something to us personally and no one else. We make the choice so, in effect I guess we bring this on ourselves but we should not be bringing anything on ourselves. We never got the tattoo for someone else, it’s personal. Another article I read recently in which the writer was disgusted by the fact that police were allowed tattoos on THEIR bodies riled me up. It does not affect the way a person does their job at all. In a professional environment, I could understand being asked to cover up your tattoos if it were such a problem but I ask this:

How many of those bosses turning you away have tattoos? They may be covering them up…

In a world where we are accepting of transgender, homosexuality why is it still wrong to express your freedom and personality, on your own body with a tattoo and be criticized for it. Maybe there is a generation gap but, in a world where tattoos are growing increasingly popular can employers afford to miss out certain employees.

Alice in Wonderland theme…favourite book and film from childhood…memories

I would also point out that this is happening in America mostly, I’ve seen more stories pertaining to America however, it is an issue that occurs throughout the world. I would also point out that most employers are fine with tattoos but may just ask you to cover them up…a reasonable request in my books.

A few stories from the news:

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Creating the Best Routine

You’ve just started university or, you may have come back for you second or final year and finding a routine is hard especially, if you have to fit work, exercise and life around a schedule this page is for you. If you hate disorganisation, then this post is for you. I’m going to share what I’ve learnt from both commuting and living away while trying to attend university, get fit and just live life in general.

Commuting- If I spent all my life on a train, I’d never get anywhere…

The first task for any commuter is waking up early enough to catch the bus to get to the train station unless you’re lucky enough to live near the station or have a car (but it’ll cost more money to drive everyday just to the station). Start with that. In setting a routine you should find out how long it takes to arrive, in your mode of transport and set plenty of time out for delays of any kind.

Finally, you’ve gotten off the train after the ten-minute delay plus it stopping randomly halfway through your journey nowhere near any station… head to your lecture/seminar or meeting. Always email if you are going to be later than the five-minute grace period, tutors understand that you cannot control the train or the traffic no matter how early you set off.

I was once stuck behind a funeral procession on the way to the train station making me twenty minutes late for class. But because I had a routine set by then, I wasn’t as late as I could have been.

So, you have a four-hour gap. I know, horrendous what can you do with your time. I find dependent on what you need to do, you can find a routine to complete every week. Put some time aside in your many class gaps to attend the library. You commute, it’s harder for you to have access to the books and not get home so late its dark and scary. If you like to work out, get a gym membership and go in that gap or take your running clothes and have an understanding university friend who will let you borrow their shower. Either way, there is always some way to have a productive day while attending university and commuting.

Another way, is to book into your careers centre- they are helpful in directing you in what you would like to do and offering other suggestions for the future. Take the time to develop your career, go and get experience or just relax. If you’re stressed you need to factor time into your routine to relax.

I spent first year commuting I found making a routine made it easier to complete work, spend time with friends and look for jobs as well as go for my run.

Now, you’re headed home, it’s been a busy day. If you’ve got a job, make sure to work your shifts into the week but don’t forget university is about outside study too. It’s late, its cold and you’re waiting for the train. Bring a book, or make notes while on the bench and then continue while on the train. This ensures you have a little free time once you get home, if you finish of course. If you have a few classes and then finish early- you can head home and get a workout in or possibly pick up a shift.

Commuting- find your rhythm and you’ll be on fire.

Living Away-oooo scary…..

I moved to Sheffield for my second year of university. So, I have a routine set now that I follow but you may not. If that is the case, and you hate the disorganisation then you should. You will feel much better and can follow it each week.

As much as you want to sleep in, it may not always be possible.

You may live close; you may live further away on Ecclesall Road but that is not an excuse to stay in bed all day. Get up, blog if you have one just make your day productive. Right, it’s your first week here and you’ve got classes but you also need to go food shopping, you haven’t been for you run yet and you want to get a few books out and begin reading. You have to work in all of these somehow, how did I do it?

Well, to begin sort your timetable out. If you have a job and need to move classes, then talk to a tutor they will try and move you around. Once you have that down, it may mean a few early mornings but go for a run before your housemates are up. I guarantee you’ll get a warm shower and who doesn’t feel better after they’ve worked out. Next, you’ve got class, seminar work to do and you can’t concentrate- well there is only one place for you Adsett Library or the Collegiate version…go to your closest location and you’ll have all the information on your fingertips. Finally, the dreaded food shopping in this case you have a few options. You could take a walk to Lidl, its cheap but then you have to carry all that back too. You could walk to any of the other supermarket brands but, then you have to get back somehow. I find the best way is to order your shopping online, it comes when you want it too and all you have to do is put it away.

My brother is a delivery driver and he always told me before I left to order online as it was easier and trust me when you have other stuff to do, it is!

So, if you can’t find a routine after reading this I don’t know what else you can do. Maybe, you should prioritize. University is not all about clubbing and drinking, there is the matter of paying £9000 a year to get your degree…


A Week in the Lake District: Coniston Park Coppice

If you’re familiar with the caravanning and have visited the Lake District you may have tried this site already but I’m here to blog about my week away. Firstly, getting there was awful. Imagine being in a warm, stuffy car when the Satellite Navigation system throws a wobbly and you end up driving through Windermere to get to the camp site. I was quite enjoying the car ride, we had beautiful scenery, myself and the parental unit were chatting away and enjoying our customary bag of sweets for the car journey. They must have had rain, dad drove through a puddle and watered splashed up everywhere covering the car window not great when you’re pulling along a caravan too but as a lorry driver and seasoned caravanner he handled it with ease. If only the Satellite Navigation hadn’t gotten confused, we would have been their sooner. Upon arrival we discovered another family on holiday there had also encountered the navigation issue so, maybe it’s just the Lake District.

Surrounded by Hills

“Coming to the Lakes for a holiday, your first task is to get here!”

Once we’d pitched up, it was time to walk the dog and explore. As soon as we encountered the first hill on the campsite I knew I needn’t worry about not bringing my running clothes I’d be able to keep the weight off and get fit by walking everywhere. On a camping holiday, the first thing I like to check is the toilet block. Yes, that may sound strange but seen as your showering in there, going to the bathroom and having a wash first thing in the morning I like them to be nice. Luckily, this place must have recently re-decorated because they were beautiful. I can honestly say I’d never seen such a nice toilet block from all the sites I’d been on.

“It’s important to be comfortable with your surroundings. I would have lived in the toilet block; they were that nice!”

So, we’d set up and jet was happy time to explore Coniston. A small place and a walk to get there but you got to see Coniston Water so I wasn’t complaining. Also, it gave me a chance to scout out routes to walk the dog. I understand why they didn’t have a dog walk on the site…look where you are, the entire Lake District is a bit like one huge dog walk. A 5/6-mile round trip we discovered overall to go into Coniston and back so not bad really. One thing you must always remember for the Lakes is boots, walking boots, boots and wellies. Its 99% of the time muddy from my previous holiday experiences up there and actually I wore them all of the time we were away.

Weather-wise we got some gorgeous days, even managed to get my legs out in a playsuit it was that warm and a dress but in equal measure we had rain during the night as well. Windermere- we couldn’t get parked up so we went one town over and I had a beautiful pulled pork panini with salad and tortilla chips. Kendal- we’ve stopped there before but it was nice to walk around. I quite enjoyed it to be honest. All in all, we had some great days out and there was lots of walking so, I was keeping fit. Dad went for a run…he’s a brave man! So many hills.

These two swans were just bobbing along beside the boat

“Even the dog was exhausted!”

Jet enjoyed it, we walked so much one day that he slept for the rest of the night and needed help getting off the sofa type seats because it was just too far. The beauty of the Lake District is you can take your dogs into almost anywhere, in fact lots of pubs make jokes about dogs being fine, it’s the people they need to worry about but if the dog says we’re good, we can come in. Jet is now 12, going on 13 so he’s an old dog but even he liked the walking and when we got home he slept for about two days only waking for food, walkies, dog chews and to play/fuss.

Coniston Water was amazing. It has been a while since I’d been on a boat so I was a little worried however, once it got going I managed to go above and take pictures. We managed to see the secret entrance used in Swallow’s and Amazons (2016)- not so secret it was on a tour and other places used for filming both films.

It’s not that much of a ‘secret’, here’s a wide shot. We saw people canoeing into the secret entrance?

“Here’s the not so-secret entrance”-the tour guide

Secret Entrance in Swallows and Amazons (2016)

Finally, heading back home. Well, if you thought we had trouble getting there. Leaving was even worse. The dog snored away for most of the journey and we had to go near Leeds to get home and that was on a Saturday. Once we got back it was time to unpack and get food and sleep. I was exhausted.

Things we learnt on the trip:

  • Mum and Dad can now order Subway…getting the sandwiches to go up with was hilarious as I explained how you did it. They sent me in. But go there on sandwiches from Subway on the way back.

  • You could get away with walking everywhere and never put on any weight so you get quite fit up there.

  • Don’t wear your mums size five wellies when you’re a size four. I’m still paying for it now with wounds all over my feet.

  • There are trees everywhere, so if it is sunny don’t expect to get sun.

  • Finally, close the vent on the top of the caravan before you go to sleep. Dad was awoken by the scurrying of feet and had to close the vent. That was a close one!!

    Mum And Dads First Subways!!

Camping and Caravanning: No One Cares What You Look Like!

On the Boat on Coniston Water.

I haven’t been away for a while…okay, the last holiday I went on was to Berlin with College three and a half years ago so, I forgot what it was like to go away in the caravan for a week. I’ve been camping in some form or another from the age of 1 (according to my parents-very reliable as I can’t remember myself) so, by the age of four-the first time I remember camping it was a pretty normal thing to do and I was very often surprised when other people didn’t camp regularly. However, if it rained, thundered or was a beautifully sunny day these are some of my best memories of my life; attending old houses, walking for miles (even though I complained at the time), playing with my brother (14 months older than me) and going to the beach or close by towns. My point- this was a normal thing for me to do.

As I got older, I began to wonder more about my appearance but by then we had got the caravan. A step up in the luxury department, bunk beds which reminded me of when I used to share a room with my brother but still, I began to care about how I looked. The beauty of camping or caravanning is that no one cares about the way you dress. I’ve seen people wearing crocs with their pjs and a dressing gown thrown on top, or the look I favoured in the lake district-pjs and walking boots… but no one gives what you wear a second glance. Instead, it’s the knowing look of nipping across to the bathroom in the morning and giving everyone a friendly morning greeting- we are a friendly bunch or talking about their pets. In the interest of full disclosure, I once saw a person walking their cat on a lead? As I’ve seen this happen on multiple occasions I’m led to believe it must be normal.

Secret Entrance in Swallows and Amazons (2016)

Anyway, my point is as a long term camper, no one cares what you look like. Sometimes, I think the world needs to go camping. You’ll see no one is bothered by the way you look instead, they probably feel just the same, tired, barely awake and hoping to remember where there turn is to get back to their beds. Camping is an experience that everyone should try at least once, it may not be for everyone but how can you know if you don’t try. I love the fact that it’s one of the only places you can act exactly like you would at home (within reason) and people just get on with it. It’s definitely a confidence builder that’s for sure.

Just try it. Camping is a brilliant, if not slightly mucky experience but, I can guarantee that some of you will love it!

Just a Beautiful view while in the Lake District
Student Life

Induction Week-Third Year Begins

I began third year this week. All week I’ve been attending university fairs and signing up to societies, activities etc while anxiously waiting for my induction lecture. It’s daunting to find yourself in the final year at university. It’s finally time to decide what we want to do. A theme within our induction lecture, alongside the offer of a trip to Berlin and finding out about the changes in our course.

I’ve seen the university change a lot over the last few years; new subjects introduced, changes in assessments etc and it’s a good thing. Three years ago, it was just beginning and we were the test year in essence. Its improved so much but as the lecturer talked about all the new things it left me wondering why our year seemed to be the test year for most things throughout all of education. Just a thought, it may be nice to not have the changes always begin with us.

I know there have been other changes in other years and the course keeps getting better but as I’m a third year it makes you wonder what you’ll miss out on. All I know, I’m ready to get back and started now we’ve had a long summer and it’s just time to start again.

Lets see how the first week of actual subject lectures go… it’s going to be interesting is all I know.



Rag’n’Bone Man

I recently stumbled upon a brilliant singer after my dad referred me to him. He’s brilliant and in fact most of you have heard him sing. Rory Graham or his stage name Rag’n’Bone Man is brilliant. I haven’t been able to stop listening to him since I watched his videos on you tube.

Rag’N’Bone Man-Lay My Body Down

Recently, he made an appearance on Later with Jools Holland on BBC 2 performing a stripped back version of single ‘Human’, which we’ve all heard recently on the radio and television and he won’t be going away any time soon. A beautiful soulful voice it’s just hard not to listen to him over and over again.

You may know one of his songs from television programme ‘New Blood’, his song is the theme.

Rag’N’Bones Man-Wolves

Or Human- his most recently released song as the song that was part of Michael Phelps video sequence for the Rio Olympics 2016.

Rag’N’Bone Man-Human

All I can say, is listen to this man. He’s amazing and won’t be going anywhere soon. I will be anxiously waiting the release of his album in 2017 so, I can buy it.


Now You See Me 2-A Film Review

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t!

The entire premise of this film is to trick the viewer into looking at the obvious meanwhile, completely misdirecting us from what’s actually happening. I believe it’s the premise for the entire series. It’s very clever and impressive they’ve managed to pull it off in both films without people catching on until the end.

Jon M. Chu brilliantly manages to misdirect the audience from the true plot of the film: Who is the eye? I won’t spoil it for you, I suggest you buy it on DVD when it comes out in November and find out for yourself. When you hear it’s a film about magic and illusion, one thing that must be amazing is the special effects- nobody wants to watch a film if you can see through the tricks and illusions on offer. So, it is a good thing that the special effects are second to none.

Big names feature throughout the first  film; Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Jesse Eisenberg and many more. However, with Daniel Radcliffe trading in one magical world for another also, switching from hero to villain alongside the brilliant Michael Caine we would expect an amazing second film. I found Daniel Radcliffe’s a bit strange throughout the film but if you’re playing a sadistic, billionaire, genius recluse I would expect nothing less and so, I’m of the opinion that he carried it off really well. The addition of Lizzy Caplan  to the four horsemen was great she showed that she could keep us with the boys and was more than capable to join the group replacing Isla Fisher as the only women in the group.

I love this film. I can not hide it. Its funny and enjoyable as well as easy to watch. So, based on that I would give it full marks and with a third sequel rumoured to be in the works I suggest you all catch up on the previous two films.


Daily Prompt: Panic

Honestly, when I first saw the daily prompt word; Panic I was a little unsure what to write about but then I remember reading a post a few months back now about how to write these. The first thing that pops into your head: I’m a third year media student, graduating and about to enter the real working world forever so, of course I am panicking!

Sheffield Hallam University Logo on Maroon Jumper
Sheffield Hallam University-Where I Attend!!

Let me provide you a little context first. Four years ago, I entered the second year of my A Levels and had no idea what I wanted to do but with support from family, friends and teachers I took the steps to apply for a university degree. I had a plan for the next few years, as someone who hates being unorganised it settled me and I was ready for the next few years. Now I’m about to leave education again, I have to begin looking for jobs, graduate schemes and find my way in the real world-daunting. In essence, of course I’m panicking and I do not know if there’s anyone that feels completely sure about life.

I talk a lot about my parents on my blog and over the next year I’m beginning to understand one of their teachings they’ve brought me up alongside- “nobody knows what they’re doing in life, they’re just trying to make the best of it and take the opportunities they can to make something for themselves.” As a young child, I did not understand it. I was young, my parents were responsible for me but as you get older you begin to realise some of the stuff they say to you is true and ingrained into your own ideologies. I believe that we’re all just fumbling along trying to do the best for ourselves, our families and the others around us.

Panic- a five letter word that seems to insight emotions within us constantly even as people say it, you find yourself beginning to think about what you need to do and panic. But, its just a word we think, words have power and meaning that effect us in ways we do not understand.


Look at the open water…thats the range of possibilities for you in life. Pick a path.

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On Top of the World

“Running is simply putting one foot in front of the other, once you start you’ll never want to stop!”

I definitely felt it after this run, it was exhausting in a good way.

I finally did it and now I feel on top of the world. This week I ran my first six mile run, no stops just myself running around the sleepy village I live in while incorporating the two villages on either side of where I’m from. There’s a sense of pride when you finish a distance you never thought you’d complete but I did it and it’s definitely an achievement to be proud of, if anyone else manages to complete the same. Now, I’m aiming to run it in a shorter time but with the change in weather I don’t see it as an issue at all, in fact now I’ve done it once I know I can do it again.

“Determination-The quality of being determined; firmness of purpose.”

For anyone to achieve any goals they set, determination is key otherwise it may not happen. I set out determined to finish the run I had planned, and I completed it reaching a goal I set for myself. Determination to get of the sofa and do something about the way I felt and looked, and I’ve never felt better or looked slimmer. Today, this determination meant I dropped a dress size, something I’ve never been able to achieve.

Hard work and determination go hand in hand however, if you don’t have a belief that you can achieve something it will not happen so you must believe in yourself, it’s important. A few months ago I doubted I’d be able to drop the weight, tone up and get fit but I just believed I could and started by putting one foot in front of the other. I’ve never been one to run/walk I straight flat out started running but if that is what it takes then do it. Anything is possible if you just believe. Over the last couple of days I’ve been recovering having never run this distance but that hasn’t stopped me, I walk the three miles into my town, I walked the dog two miles a few hours after that six-miler and continue to take him everyday more or less. There’s always a way to begin, its just finding it and then putting one foot in front of another.

Tomorrow I have plans for a four mile run, just easing back a bit and this weekend I will focus on weights and the cross trainer-variation is key for me. I just wanted to share my six-miler success to show its possible to do such a feat through hard work, determination and of course, consistency. I’m proud of myself, my runner father even expressed his pride in my completing six-miles although I didn’t tell him I had gone for a run so, he had to get over the worry first-always tell someone, they may think you’ve fell!

I finally did it and I’m on top of the world.

“Run for no one else but yourself and believe.”