Camping and Caravanning: No One Cares What You Look Like!

On the Boat on Coniston Water.

I haven’t been away for a while…okay, the last holiday I went on was to Berlin with College three and a half years ago so, I forgot what it was like to go away in the caravan for a week. I’ve been camping in some form or another from the age of 1 (according to my parents-very reliable as I can’t remember myself) so, by the age of four-the first time I remember camping it was a pretty normal thing to do and I was very often surprised when other people didn’t camp regularly. However, if it rained, thundered or was a beautifully sunny day these are some of my best memories of my life; attending old houses, walking for miles (even though I complained at the time), playing with my brother (14 months older than me) and going to the beach or close by towns. My point- this was a normal thing for me to do.

As I got older, I began to wonder more about my appearance but by then we had got the caravan. A step up in the luxury department, bunk beds which reminded me of when I used to share a room with my brother but still, I began to care about how I looked. The beauty of camping or caravanning is that no one cares about the way you dress. I’ve seen people wearing crocs with their pjs and a dressing gown thrown on top, or the look I favoured in the lake district-pjs and walking boots… but no one gives what you wear a second glance. Instead, it’s the knowing look of nipping across to the bathroom in the morning and giving everyone a friendly morning greeting- we are a friendly bunch or talking about their pets. In the interest of full disclosure, I once saw a person walking their cat on a lead? As I’ve seen this happen on multiple occasions I’m led to believe it must be normal.

Secret Entrance in Swallows and Amazons (2016)

Anyway, my point is as a long term camper, no one cares what you look like. Sometimes, I think the world needs to go camping. You’ll see no one is bothered by the way you look instead, they probably feel just the same, tired, barely awake and hoping to remember where there turn is to get back to their beds. Camping is an experience that everyone should try at least once, it may not be for everyone but how can you know if you don’t try. I love the fact that it’s one of the only places you can act exactly like you would at home (within reason) and people just get on with it. It’s definitely a confidence builder that’s for sure.

Just try it. Camping is a brilliant, if not slightly mucky experience but, I can guarantee that some of you will love it!

Just a Beautiful view while in the Lake District

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