Student Life

Induction Week-Third Year Begins

I began third year this week. All week I’ve been attending university fairs and signing up to societies, activities etc while anxiously waiting for my induction lecture. It’s daunting to find yourself in the final year at university. It’s finally time to decide what we want to do. A theme within our induction lecture, alongside the offer of a trip to Berlin and finding out about the changes in our course.

I’ve seen the university change a lot over the last few years; new subjects introduced, changes in assessments etc and it’s a good thing. Three years ago, it was just beginning and we were the test year in essence. Its improved so much but as the lecturer talked about all the new things it left me wondering why our year seemed to be the test year for most things throughout all of education. Just a thought, it may be nice to not have the changes always begin with us.

I know there have been other changes in other years and the course keeps getting better but as I’m a third year it makes you wonder what you’ll miss out on. All I know, I’m ready to get back and started now we’ve had a long summer and it’s just time to start again.

Lets see how the first week of actual subject lectures go… it’s going to be interesting is all I know.



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