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Creating the Best Routine

You’ve just started university or, you may have come back for you second or final year and finding a routine is hard especially, if you have to fit work, exercise and life around a schedule this page is for you. If you hate disorganisation, then this post is for you. I’m going to share what I’ve learnt from both commuting and living away while trying to attend university, get fit and just live life in general.

Commuting- If I spent all my life on a train, I’d never get anywhere…

The first task for any commuter is waking up early enough to catch the bus to get to the train station unless you’re lucky enough to live near the station or have a car (but it’ll cost more money to drive everyday just to the station). Start with that. In setting a routine you should find out how long it takes to arrive, in your mode of transport and set plenty of time out for delays of any kind.

Finally, you’ve gotten off the train after the ten-minute delay plus it stopping randomly halfway through your journey nowhere near any station… head to your lecture/seminar or meeting. Always email if you are going to be later than the five-minute grace period, tutors understand that you cannot control the train or the traffic no matter how early you set off.

I was once stuck behind a funeral procession on the way to the train station making me twenty minutes late for class. But because I had a routine set by then, I wasn’t as late as I could have been.

So, you have a four-hour gap. I know, horrendous what can you do with your time. I find dependent on what you need to do, you can find a routine to complete every week. Put some time aside in your many class gaps to attend the library. You commute, it’s harder for you to have access to the books and not get home so late its dark and scary. If you like to work out, get a gym membership and go in that gap or take your running clothes and have an understanding university friend who will let you borrow their shower. Either way, there is always some way to have a productive day while attending university and commuting.

Another way, is to book into your careers centre- they are helpful in directing you in what you would like to do and offering other suggestions for the future. Take the time to develop your career, go and get experience or just relax. If you’re stressed you need to factor time into your routine to relax.

I spent first year commuting I found making a routine made it easier to complete work, spend time with friends and look for jobs as well as go for my run.

Now, you’re headed home, it’s been a busy day. If you’ve got a job, make sure to work your shifts into the week but don’t forget university is about outside study too. It’s late, its cold and you’re waiting for the train. Bring a book, or make notes while on the bench and then continue while on the train. This ensures you have a little free time once you get home, if you finish of course. If you have a few classes and then finish early- you can head home and get a workout in or possibly pick up a shift.

Commuting- find your rhythm and you’ll be on fire.

Living Away-oooo scary…..

I moved to Sheffield for my second year of university. So, I have a routine set now that I follow but you may not. If that is the case, and you hate the disorganisation then you should. You will feel much better and can follow it each week.

As much as you want to sleep in, it may not always be possible.

You may live close; you may live further away on Ecclesall Road but that is not an excuse to stay in bed all day. Get up, blog if you have one just make your day productive. Right, it’s your first week here and you’ve got classes but you also need to go food shopping, you haven’t been for you run yet and you want to get a few books out and begin reading. You have to work in all of these somehow, how did I do it?

Well, to begin sort your timetable out. If you have a job and need to move classes, then talk to a tutor they will try and move you around. Once you have that down, it may mean a few early mornings but go for a run before your housemates are up. I guarantee you’ll get a warm shower and who doesn’t feel better after they’ve worked out. Next, you’ve got class, seminar work to do and you can’t concentrate- well there is only one place for you Adsett Library or the Collegiate version…go to your closest location and you’ll have all the information on your fingertips. Finally, the dreaded food shopping in this case you have a few options. You could take a walk to Lidl, its cheap but then you have to carry all that back too. You could walk to any of the other supermarket brands but, then you have to get back somehow. I find the best way is to order your shopping online, it comes when you want it too and all you have to do is put it away.

My brother is a delivery driver and he always told me before I left to order online as it was easier and trust me when you have other stuff to do, it is!

So, if you can’t find a routine after reading this I don’t know what else you can do. Maybe, you should prioritize. University is not all about clubbing and drinking, there is the matter of paying £9000 a year to get your degree…


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