What’s the Problem with Tattoos?

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Recently, on the social media grapevine I heard that research had been completed suggesting that some employers, not all will not hire a potential applicant with tattoos as they consider it unacceptable. I’m blogging about this for two reason; firstly, I have two tattoos on my own body and secondly, I believe that tattoos should not be a barrier for gaining a job. I would like to point out this is my blog and I do not mean to offend anyone, if this happens.

The stigma behind getting a tattoo is still attached, its considered taboo in some cases. In fact, even some of my own family still believe in the stigma meanwhile, the other half have tattoos… I understand that if your tattoos are out there and cannot be covered it may be an issue to the employer even, I have misgivings about getting a face tattoo. But, I think we are in an advanced enough society that people will not be offended if the person getting their coffee has tattoos on his/her arms. I’ve never once heard someone say they will not be served by a person because they are offended by the art on their arms and I cannot quite wrap my head around someone going to a manager to specifically complain because they saw a tattoo. If that were the case, those people would never leave the house at all.

Getting a tattoo is permanent and many of us, there are a few that don’t get tattoos because they mean something to us personally and no one else. We make the choice so, in effect I guess we bring this on ourselves but we should not be bringing anything on ourselves. We never got the tattoo for someone else, it’s personal. Another article I read recently in which the writer was disgusted by the fact that police were allowed tattoos on THEIR bodies riled me up. It does not affect the way a person does their job at all. In a professional environment, I could understand being asked to cover up your tattoos if it were such a problem but I ask this:

How many of those bosses turning you away have tattoos? They may be covering them up…

In a world where we are accepting of transgender, homosexuality why is it still wrong to express your freedom and personality, on your own body with a tattoo and be criticized for it. Maybe there is a generation gap but, in a world where tattoos are growing increasingly popular can employers afford to miss out certain employees.

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I would also point out that this is happening in America mostly, I’ve seen more stories pertaining to America however, it is an issue that occurs throughout the world. I would also point out that most employers are fine with tattoos but may just ask you to cover them up…a reasonable request in my books.

A few stories from the news:


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