Student Life

Final Year-Week One

Well, I was unpacked and ready for my final-first time back at university and excited to get back into the routine. So, lets see I have three classes; Media Technology, Moral Panics and Globalisation and The Media and they’re all really interesting. This week was about introductory lectures, finding out what the course holds in store for the coming semester along with a dissertation lecture informing us of the biggest task of all.

“Are you sitting comfortably? Lets begin…”

Media Technology

It says what it does on the tin- a saying my family use often meaning the title is clear enough, this module is about media technologies; their impacts or non impacts, how they’re used, and basically getting to the root of technology within the media. I’m not going to lie when, I found out about one of our assignments I freaked out a little and panicked but, as you’ll see in future posts I will get over it. We have to create a media technology! Us, on the theoretically based media course but I can see the benefit of the assignment and how good will this look on our CV. After the introduction, we moved onto invisible technologies-the idea that technology has an invisibility to it. I think an example may help…

“Pick a technology: iPhone. Now, ask yourselves what is the iPhone made up of? And why is that technology covered up?” 

Technology has a root, its made up of millions of individual parts and this module is about understanding them, and its media use too. I enjoyed the classes I must admit. It’s always good when you have a tutor who is engaging and funny and encouraging which I luckily got so, this module is shaping up to be challenging but great. Who said university was easy anyway?

Moral Panics

Firstly, I did study them in my A-Levels so as I went into the class I had some idea of what I was in for, a basic understanding at least. We’re mixed with about three different courses and the poor guy already said we were overfilled but didn’t want to turn students away. I think that signifies a good teacher. For you guys out there who don’t know what a Moral Panic is…it’s a panic, created by the media around certain topics normally, exaggerating the story. The classic example; mods and rockers in the 60’s were a moral panic. Anyway, it’s my elective module which means I chose it and I love it already it’s interesting and engaging. We have a case study and an essay to write, which I do not think will be easy but it will be interesting to do. Its a huge class but I think that just shows how popular the course is/was. I’m thinking good things about this.

Globalisation and The Media

It’s a module about Globalisation and The Media, it is being taken by a teacher I’ve had before but she only teaches at Level Six and a tutor we’ve had since day zilch. It may have been a bit of a shock to the PR students though. It was literally an introductory lecture and the seminar covered the lecture in more detail. Again, assignments are similar to previous courses but I’m not going to take that for granted. It seems to be an interesting module, I’ve touched on Globalisation before but this will be an in-depth look at it so, it could be quite good to catch-up on new theories and understand it a whole lot better. We’re with Media&PR students, they did not really turn up to the lecture from what I could tell…I knew most of the faces in the classroom, I’ve had classes with them for three years. It’ll be interesting to see what they know. Bonus, we have screenings alongside the lecture which I like. It seems to tie your learning together into one little bow for that week.

So, introductory week is over and that’s a scary thought but now it’s time for the hard work to begin…


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