Student Life

Final Year: Week Two

So, what have I learnt this week? Quite a bit actually, it’s interesting to recap on what you already know and learn new things…I like the challenge but that may be to do with my competitiveness. I’m going to start with finding out my dissertation tutor. So, many notifications came through I MISSED it on my BlackBoard site at first but, in a moment of silence I found the link. I’m happy with the person I was assigned, I’ll be emailing this weekend now I’ve stopped running around like a mad chicken.

It has been an exhausting two weeks, I could sleep for days but, I don’t think that could be possible. I have work to do. Media Technology was scary this week, we’ve had to begin our projects already but, now I’m in a team and we have an idea I am quite excited. It’ll take time but, it will be good I hope!! Anyway, I’m still processing this weeks lecture and seminar. It feels like my brain will overload. I’m just happy to have an assignment sorted and started.

Next, Moral Panic was giving us the basics. Explaining who Cohen was (an influential Moral Panic theorist who introduced Moral Panics into academia as a process of what was happening), and deciphering what a Moral Panic is. Our seminar was took by a PHD student-it was really engaging and we all sat in a group no separation whatsoever which I like as a way of learning. Everyone can then get involved and debate. We’ll be learning about the American model of Moral Panics next week which should yield plenty of example, they have quite a few Moral Panics if it’s similar to Cohen’s British Model. You see, The Media is different all over the world and they have their own ideas.

And finally, Globalisation and The Media. We got given the basics about Globalisation. What it is? The different theories and then applied it to The Media in the seminar we had afterwards. I like this format because you get the idea, and then its an open discussion in the seminar in order to check understanding and whatnot. I was a little unsure of the reading given but, left much happier and with a clearer sense of what was meant. That means I had a pretty successful week in that case.

As I already stated, I’m exhausted and I’ve learnt so much that I still need to process it all but I’m enjoying the classes so far. Lets see what next week brings…


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