You’ll never hear graceful followed by my name…you’ll hear clumsy!

THUD! It’s a customary sound in my student house, followed by a string of profanity. Everyone I know, would describe me to be clumsy, it’s in my nature. There is a common joke within my home, my parents constantly state they should buy me a rubber suit so, to protect myself from the next bump. I’d argue I inherited this wonderful, slightly painful trait from my mother. She’s even worse than I am, she can be turning around to leave a room and bang her arm on the door on the way out.


Now, given my clumsy nature you can imagine how much worse it is when I wear heels, which is why I don’t wear them much. Aside, from the fact I choose comfort over beauty there have been occasions where I rip a new pair of tights, falling over or ladder them due to the slippery floor and my bodies insane notion to attempt the splits, even if I didn’t even want to do them in the first place.  So, the heels enhance my clumsiness but I’m also around 5 foot 5 which means I prefer to wear them on family nights to make myself appear much taller next to my 6 foot 3 brother…

But, the clumsiness doesn’t switch off in public. My most recent fall was attempting the stairs in a university building and falling up them, the fourth time I’d hurt myself that day. I cannot even blame the six mile run I did that weekend, I was recovered from aches the day before. On the plus side, my friend told me I’d caught my foot on my bag strap so, I can use that as an excuse although, it’s really just on par for me.

In the student house, my room is upstairs with my course mate in the one below, so every time I walk into something, fall over or even drop my phone for the umpteenth time in that day she hears me swear. It must be amusing, I wouldn’t know I’m in pain right after. As someone who competed in sports and has done some serious damage to her ankle, and knee more lately I’m used to pain because I’m nearly always in it, yet I still run and push through it? That says something about me though.

I’ve a high pain tolerance, I believe. This results in mystery bruises, and the ability to carry straight on even if I’ve just fell over. Also, I’m pretty used to being constantly in pain so, maybe I don’t notice the little things? I do a lot of exercise and they say an athlete can withstand much more pain. As someone who has competed in sports from a young age, only taking four years off this could be considered a possible reason for my pain tolerance. Ironically, as someone who is clumsy I’ve yet to fall over while running. Or should I start running everywhere and that may make me less inclined to fall over but, more sweaty…I’ll stick to the walking.


On the opposite side, I’m a red-head and according to studies I should be more sensitive to pain so, why am I not? Again, I posit the idea that I’m constantly feeling twinges throughout my body from past injuries so maybe a little fall here and there isn’t as bad? It’s a mystery to us all. I’m a little off topic now but not as pain is part of being clumsy. This daily prompt speaks to myself, I saw it and a smile came to my face. I knew what to write straight away. One thing for sure, being clumsy can make for some awfully funny stories and why not? You should be able to laugh at yourself.

I accept it, I’m clumsy and I love it. It may leave myself with a few more bruises than most but it’s part of who I am. I spoke about my mother earlier and thought I could blame her for my clumsiness but, it’s not inherited I just have poor co-ordination and so does she. I can vouch for that to some extent, I’m terrible at throwing things, catching them but I’m yet to poke myself in the eye with the mascara brush and that must need some co-ordination right? I guess we’ll never know. I’ll leave you with this: think about all the times you’ve fell and been clumsy in some way and laugh at yourself because honestly, there’s nothing to fix it unfortunately. Embrace the bruises, always remember to wear tights and have fun you cannot help being clumsy.

Myself and Mum: Being Clumsy isn’t inherited unfortunately 😦

via Daily Prompt: Clumsy


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