I’ll Always Be a Curvy Girl

Over the last few weeks, I began to attend my final year of my undergraduate media degree which left me wondering about a few things. During the summer, I lost a bit of weight through running, a healthy diet and cutting out the constant fizzy drinks only upon, occasion will I drink one. But, once I came back I’ve been worried about keeping the weight off, finding time to exercise and feeling good about myself. I won’t lie, I still worry now but I have never been stick thin so, I know I’ll always be a curvy girl and I’m proud of that.

I’ve found time to run two-three times a week which helps along with exercises I complete everyday, and I’ve stuck to the foods I was eating at home. Getting back to the house is hard, I have to complete my own shopping again and although, I enjoy this sometimes I forget that I shouldn’t shop like I was before I lost the weight but, I seem to have gotten a handle on it now. So, I have a routine down however, despite feeling a lot better and a little more confident with the way I look I’ve come to realise I won’t be happy. I still look in that mirror and wonder about things I could change.

Walking up the stairs near my house tonight, I walked past a group of teenage boys having what they called ‘banter’, calling each other ‘fat’ even though neither of them were. Under the guise of banter, a lot of people get away with calling each other ‘names’ without realising if it has an affect on the other person. What kind of world do we live in, in which even for a joke it’s okay to degrade someone, based upon their appearance because that’s what makes us self-conscious about the way we look. It’s the way society is though, there is constant debate about men and women’s appearance and the comments that are unacceptable. Trump is a prime example of that, he’s all over the internet stating it’s okay to degrade women.

I went on Facebook the other day and saw a video, one that had been shared before of a group of lads taking the p*ss out of an obese male having fun and dancing with some of the comments being just as horrible. One girl had posted a picture of  herself in a bikini stating she was proud of the way she looked and I thought ‘go on girl’. She played baseball, and had a beautiful prom dress as part of her motivational status and underneath were hundreds of comments based on her weight, stating she must not play sports because she was ‘fat’. It was not the case, and there are those who don’t condone this behaviour, who were taking on those who were calling her fat. I don’t condone what was being said either, I never would. Some girls like myself can run, we can play sport and still have curves but guess what we love them!

As an example, I lost a stone over the holidays and as you can see in the Instagram pictures there is a change in the shape of my face and with the rest of my body. I went from wearing a size 14 to a size 10/12 but, that was my choice because I wanted to feel better about myself and I’m getting there slowly but surely now. This brings to mind a song. Mika’s Big Girl (you are beautiful), I love it. It’s a song that fills you with confidence and is about the bigger girl. Just remember no matter whether your small or big, you are all beautiful and embrace it.


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