Reach For Your Goals (and remember to run through the pain)…

We’ve all got goals in life but, what about those little goals you set for yourself. Because, of course you need them. It’s what spurs you on and makes you believe you can achieve anything if you put you mind to it. I achieved a mini-goal myself today, and if you don’t read my blog it’s about running and you’ll find these posts also: Getting Over The HillWe’re All in This Together and On Top of the World. I decided to attempt a 7.3 mile run, 1.3 miles more than I have ever run and guess what I did it, I achieved my goal and now I ACHE….

I’d been considering it for a while, yes I do find all of my runs challenging I wanted to try something new. So, after much consideration and despite the awful lurgy I have at the moment (commonly known as a cold), I went for it.

“Let me set you a scene…”

I woke up to a dreary, wet and drizzling day. Now, don’t get me wrong I love this weather, I guess I’m a Pluviophile (the name for people who like rain and it cheers them up) but, it’s not opportune when you’ve yet to go buy your high visibility jacket that day for the next few months of running. I was a little upset but, after discussing it with my parents I decided to pop over to Decathlon (so cheap, so much stuff) and see if the rain stopped. Luckily it did, and I got to go for my run on my carefully planned run. As I set off along my normal starting point, I was happy. Bottle in one hand, house keys in my jacket pocket and I loved it. Around the four mile point, as per usual my legs kicked into over gear but, I ran through the ache feeling great (in the sense I was doing it). At the six mile point, my body wanted to stop, it was screaming but I took a sip of water and carried on. On my last lap around the park, my knee really began hurting, I had back ache and I wanted to give up but I didn’t because I knew I hadn’t far to go. At this point, I started picking points ahead of myself and running to them then picking another point. I find this is a good way to run, if your ready to give up because you forget everything else and before you know it, you’ve got past where you thought. I finished my run with an even stronger run up the train station steps, willing myself to get home and drinking my last drop of water and I DID IT!

7.3 miles may not be far for the people who run however, for those who are an amateur like myself after six months of constantly running it’s the best feeling in the world. Despite, the ache and the pain in my knee, I’ve been on a high all day and I will feel this run tomorrow but, you know what I did it, I ran 7.3 miles. In six months, I’ve been able to run 7.3 miles. I started out unfit and out of shape to an extent but, I achieved my goal. So, if you are a beginner runner looking for motivation here it is, you can do it. If you just read this post because you wanted to and don’t run; well here is the motivation for you to start or to set yourself a new goal to achieve.


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