Runners-Keep Safe

The weather has begun to turn, the leaves are turning brown, we are greeted by dark, cold mornings and early nights and its wet and slippery outside. So, with all this in mind here are a few safety tips that may be useful to the runners of the world;

  1. Buy or Invest in a High Visibility Jacket- it’s dark out more than it is light so, if you are planning an early morning or late night run please wear your high visibility jacket. And if you do not have one, I suggest you invest in one for the next few months of running. Make yourself visible, not only is it dark it’s very slippery and if you fall this jacket may be the difference between the driver seeing you or not.
  2. Picking Running Times- If you have to go to work then unfortunately you’ll find your times restricting but, if you are a student, unemployed or even have a day off try and run while it’s light. Thus, you get your workout in and its in the day time when others are around and its light out.
  3. Is your kit okay?- It’s been a warm summer so, you put the winter kit away however, now its time to get it back out. Make sure you check that it’s okay and buy anything that needs replacing as, this will stop you from getting ill as well as, allowing you to go for a run. If you’ve been running for less than a year (like me) don’t give up for the winter, you’ll lose everything you gained.
  4. Layer Up- It’s getting cold. This means you need to layer up but, within reason as you don’t want to overheat. However, you don’t want to be cold either so make sure its just enough to keep you warm and comfortable while you run. Pull out the running gloves and hat, if you have them.
  5. Hydrate- Well the weather has dropped and you may find it easier to run than it the warm, mild, summer months but that does not mean you shouldn’t hydrate. You’ll find it easier to push yourself because you don’t feel like you’ve overheated but, this is exactly why you need to take water. If it’s a short run (2-3 miles) and you aren’t far from home then make sure you have a bottle ready to drink when you get back.
  6. Avoid Headphones- I know you like your music but, with the shorter days you need to be more alert about your surroundings. So, hang up the AC/DC and Meatloaf and stay safe. I’ll also be giving my headphones up too so,  it’s a sacrifice we must make.

Here are a few tips for the runners of the world. Please bear them in mind on your next run.


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