Finding Your Inner-Child

As people, we are constantly changing, our personalities evolve and weave around life experiences, you are never a constant. We develop new habits, new dress sense, new feelings towards life based upon what we learn or what we like. Otherwise, we’d be reduced to a gargling baby (all of us) with a personality locked inside with no way out or we’d be stuck in the brightly covered outfits that at six, we thought were great. My mum assures me that some of the outfits I picked out as a child to0 wear were awful. It’s a good job there aren’t any pictures, well as far as I’m aware. Lets just say, I could walk around the house like that but, if we were going out she put me in clothes that went together.

It’s still very much the case as an adult, except we could now dress in those awful outfits and no one would tell us we looked bad due to the amusement that would ensue when we left the house. So, I’M thankful to my mum for teaching me some sense of fashion however, I still question some of the dresses I am wearing in pictures as a baby. But, my point is that you are never the same person as you were last year or the year before or ten years before. We find aspects of ourselves that we like as a child and keep them and throw away the traits we don’t like. Our mind is constantly doing that as an adult also.

At the beginning of this year, I decided I didn’t like the way I looked and I hadn’t for a while but there is always the problem of admitting it. So, I decided to change. I’ve always been a happy person, there is no doubt about it and I am to this day. But, there are the feelings you put out to the world and let everyone know, and the ones you keep to yourselves. This leads to people questioning you at times but, no one really knows you. In fact, we don’t even know ourselves. I began to change how I ate and drank, which cleared up the constant spots I got on my face (now they come from makeup not taken off properly and stress). I always put on a confident exterior but, inside I wasn’t. I’m comfortable wearing baggy clothes even to this day so, people never really notice what you don’t like about yourself. Next, I began running and that’s where I really began to find myself again. I’d done sports from a young age and it made me feel free then, as it does now. It also makes me immensely proud of what I achieve and pushes me everyday to make and achieve new goals as well as relaxing me making me have a positive outlook on life. Thus, within the space of a year I changed. My personality evolved. A lot of my family have commented on this fact; they say I’m much more outgoing, confident, determined, positive and smiley.

I always had this personality within me, it was a case of releasing it from the cage I had built for it. But, this post isn’t just about change, changing yourself, finding yourself and gaining confidence. It’s about the speed of life and how one change can spark another. I’m a different person than I was from last year, or the year before or ten years ago. We all are. So, embrace yourself and welcome the changes within your life. They’ll always teach you something and affect you in one way or another. It’s the way of life. Change is good, it brings out the best in you, it brings out the positivity in you.

I know it’s cheesy when people say new year, new me but it can work. And for the negative people- ignore them. If you are willing to take part in new things, immerse yourself in finding yourself then you’ll find a new year, new me attitude. Or maybe it should be new year, old me? Because people already have these traits inside them and were probably like this as a child you just have to find yourself again. I love my parents outlook on life. They’re mature adults most of the time…well okay mum is…well actually they are both mature when they have to be, and embrace their childish nature the rest of the time. We always ask my dad how old he is; his reply is “6” at the moment. It’s a great way to see yourself. For everything else I’ve said change is good, but so is not taking yourself seriously. Why not release the inner-child? We’ve all got one!

Find your personality, then never let it go. Let yourself change. Be who you are. Be who you want to be. Do it for yourself!


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