Student Life


Well, last week at university we had something called a FRED week. I know what you are thinking…who is FRED and why does a university have a week based on a person well, we don’t. FRED was a professional development week in which we could sign up to sessions such as; Grad Talks aimed at a specific year, alternative media, blogging etc. It helps you to develop already growing skills, attend interesting talks and it gave you a relaxed week to get on top of those dreaded assignments.

I attended three classes overall, and spent other days getting assignments sorted….

So, the first class I attended was a little introduction that will help with my elective module next year; alternative media. It focused on alternative medias i.e. music etc and how there are so many different forms of media alternative to the mainstream forms we are used too. For example, the fanzine. It concluded with a documentary on The Ramones a punk band from the 80’s. Overall, I enjoyed the talk and found a new band to listen too so, I’d say its a pretty good experience and has given me some insider knowledge for next term.

Next, I went to a class on how to write a good blog post. Yes, I am now writing a blog post. But am I following what he said? Overall, I blog the way he was talking about anyway including pictures, breaking up text and adding sub-heading where appropriate. The only thing I slightly disagree with is the idea a blog post that will get the most hits has to be around 1500 words long. I get bored reading long ones sometimes, why would I subject someone else to that? I think posts should vary based on the topic, passion and if you can right 1500 words on a topic. How do you not run out of steam? I’m getting off topic here. In all honesty, there is no correct blog post length you either attract people to your blog or don’t it is the way it works.

Finally, I went to a graduate talk for Third Year students. I do fit into this category just so we are clear. I’m in my final year. I found it very rewarding. The lady went through assessment centres, graduate schemes etc and gave us a practical task. She constantly asked how confident we felt and then told us to book an appointment with her in order to get more advice. She was generally helpful and gave me much more confidence in myself to find a job.

Third Year Sneaks up on you and then boom… you’re out in the real world!

So, FRED week was good but getting my presentation sorted made me feel much better and clarifying essays. I feel much more on top of assignments which must mean I had a productive week overall. I think organisation is key in third year of risk being trampled by every event, assignment and meeting you need to attend.


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