Assignment One

SHAKEITUP: Product Breakdown


Product Logo

Its 1am; intoxicated, cheering women with no previous friendship stand sipping their drinks in the Ladies at Groove Nightclub. The product utilises this alcohol-induced friendship to encourage the interaction of different cultures through the development of a social media platform inspired by Twitter and Facebook. Click here to visit ShakeItUp.

To sign up to the product, you will need an existing WordPress login which will allow you to view the content and begin using ShakeItUp. It has its own domain, which means the product has a specific, catchy URL: You’ll simply have to type in the above URL and the product will appear. The product used WordPress.Org which allowed us to create plugins, and add an exterior service to prevent spam, giving you a better experience. When you sign up, you have two options; using the products free version which limits your access to recipes of cocktails/mocktails from seven countries and playing classic drinking games. However, you will still gain full access to the forums where you are encouraged to share tips, cultural knowledge and exchange recipes. Instead you must opt for access to the cheap £2 per year premium option gaining access to 21 countries cocktail/mocktail recipes, and attaining the ability to create your own drinking games to play. You can access the forums, engaging with free and premium members.

You’ll find the product easy to interface with, its set out in a simple layout with bright colours to attract you and fit in with the theme; multiculturality. There is a navigation bar that allows you to flit from one feature to another, which you perceive when you gain access to the product. To gain access to cocktail/mocktail recipes, click the flag of the country you want to experience, it’s interactive, educational and considered a hidden affordance, if you are not aware that clicking the flag, will take you to the countries recipes. The product invites you to share the resulting cocktail/mocktail, an image, impressions and any changes to the recipe in the forums or create a forum, if you cannot find a suitable topic that invites people to join your discussion. It offers drinking games, with access to different levels dependent upon your membership status with classic games such as ‘ring of fire’ available in the unpaid membership, and the option to play classic games alongside creating your own as a premium member. Also, you can share and play your new drinking games across the products with individuals across the world.

The Product

The purpose of this product is to enhance communication across the world, breaking cultural barriers and educate others about the different cultures. However, it does not have a social media posts page that you can use to update your friends, which you would assume a social media platform contains, also referred to as a false affordance. It should eliminate the need for multiple applications on your phone to; play drinking games and concoct cocktails/mocktails. It will retrieve cultural traditions and lost knowledge allowing you to understand why individuals may act in a certain way and become more accepting of them. It could be problematic and harmful to you if underage drinking occurs, getting ‘irresponsibly’ drunk affecting your careers and life and could attract racist individuals who target others.

There is a void in the market for this type of social media platform. Click here to view the market research. Aside from the premium membership money, the site relies on advertisers paying us, to reach you. Adverts can vary dependent upon the products members, and the country in which they originate. For example, if most members are American students, advertisements that appear will be aimed at them. There are multiple opportunities to grow the product that will make it more successful which has been taken from feedback given to improve your user experience. A private chat bar can be installed for you to be able to have private conversations with new friends. An Instagram inspired development will grant you the ability to view, post and comment on cocktail/mocktail images using #ShakeItUp(nameofdrink). Finally, the site will become a mobile application so; you can chat and play remotely.

Please Find The Video Below Of The Developers Trying Their Own Product Out:







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