Let’s Talk About a Few Myths…

We’ve all heard that to lose weight, you must stop drinking, ditch your favourite foods, never eat a sweet/dessert again. And you know what, whether there is science behind losing weight like this or not, there is a science about every FAD diet out there and they don’t work for everyone. I’m going to go through a few of these so-called you won’t lose weight this way and talk about my experience.

1. You Have to Stop Drinking….

And I should start frequenting cafes with my parents when they come up and we watch the rugby. I’ve never been a huge drinker but, when I do a shop I’ll buy a couple bottles of wine and I’ll drink one bottle a weekend. I didn’t stop drinking to lose weight, I just moderated my intake and if I do have a little more than usual then, you can bet I’ll be out running the next day. But, you don’t have to stop drinking alcohol, well I’ve found that to be my case. There’s all these studies out there showing you’ll gain weight by drinking alcohol, and yes you would if you never did any exercise and guess what, walking is an exercise so, just increase your exercise, grab your dog or your aunts dog or your nans dog and go for a little walk. It may not be much but, you are still exercising and you’ll not gain loads of weight.

2. You Can Never Eat Puddings Again…(the horror)

I won’t be giving up cheesecake or ice cream any time soon. And you know what, a little treat never harmed anyone, every now and again. You’re more likely to gain weight by eating an ice cream tub a day. I should point out I’ve lost around 1 1/2 stone so far and now I’m toning up after a few weeks of illness and I do all these things. I’d admit it if I didn’t. So, it goes back to the fabled line of…exercise is key to losing weight, you can still enjoy yourself but, just fit in some time for a run or head to the gym. My nan walks around her block, where she lives most days and that’s her exercise to go along with eating foods.

3.Ditch those favoured foods?

Did you know, I never even ate unhealthy and I piled on the pounds but, you know what I did do- I started making excuses as to why I stopped running. I still eat the same foods as before, except I do watch my portions and I do sit-ups, press-ups, squats etc on a daily basis. If you haven’t already  got it, exercise is the theme in this post. My mum and I are both losing weight and exercising and we never really changed our foods. My parents from day one- taught us about eating healthy, didn’t take us to mcdonalds for ease, encouraged us to learn how to cook and to this day my mum, still teaches me about making curries!


I did change some of the way I drink. I was the type of person to drink fizzy pop each day alongside milk and juice. So, yes I cut out fizzy pop at the beginning and I don’t always drink it now. It’s not something I crave or miss. I do drink a lot of water, its healthy, calorie free and its been shown to give great benefits in losing weight and maintaining the new weight. Also, I drink green tea! It refreshes and flushes my system every night to start again the next day. So, do introduce some new foods and drinks to your diet, it’ll work wonders but you don’t need to cut out the old foods you enjoy either.


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