smell your way to happiness

So, the daily prompt is ‘Scent’ and I’m going to honest with you the first thing that popped into my head was…Ok-that’s a little weird. And then, it struck me! I always right these posts about the first thing that pops into my head but, in that case I’d never write about anything. So, the second thing that popped into my head was my favourite perfume…Lady Gaga’s Fame. In essence, I’ve been thinking about it all day because I’ve just run out of my other perfume and so, I get to open my new bottle which of course will be may favourite perfume.

However, that inspired myself to write a post about my favourite scents! You see scent can be defined as:

“A Distinctive Smell, Especially One That is Pleasant”

And yes, a scent can be something that smells bad, whiffy, odorous but I want to focus on my favourite scents, especially on this particularly wet day in England, South Yorkshire. You see, my friend messaged me this morning about the rain and how she did not like it but, there is just something about rain that I love. I do not know why, maybe it’s growing up in England where rain is almost always constant, or just having fun times in the rain when I’ve been camping with my family? So, here is my list:

The Fresh Smell in the Air After it Rains!!-ย I hail from a small ex-minors village, with the Peak District on my doorstep and fields surround my little village and so, when it rains the air smells so fresh which I love! Who wouldn’t? It makes living around farms, walking trails and the countryside seem worth it for the smell of fresh rain air. Not that it smells horrible otherwise, it just has a smell of freshness after rain as if all the clogged air clears and the day is fresh? Also, having camped my entire life- it seems we get caught in a lot of rain. It’s actually a running joke in my family that the weather thinks:

“The Watson’s are going on holiday, and look they have all their camping stuff…lets follow them and rain!”

But, I love it and the pitter patter sound and the smell after is even better!

My Favourite Perfume-ย So, you already know that it is Lady Gaga’s Fame but, now I’ll tell you why. I honestly do not know… you see I got it for Christmas one year, and I loved it from the very first spritz. All I do know, is that it is my favourite perfume and I love the smell. You know when you stand in the train station and get that slight whiff of a women’s perfume, or men’s aftershave (provided it doesn’t smell like they’ve bathed in the stuff so much that you don’t want to walk behind someone because the smell is blinding), I can be putting my scarf on and catch a slight smell of the perfume and a smile comes to my face.

Mum’s Bread-ย So, my mum has started making bread and it’s been very successful. The smell is amazing, she pulls it out and when it is cooling the smell spreads through our kitchen. It definitely makes you hungry, and wanting to eat it but, obviously it needs to cool down first.

Mums First Attempt at Bread

And finally,

Fresh Bed Sheets from the airing cupboard…- I have always liked this smell for some reason, after my bed gets made I just want to dive in and be surrounded by the smell of fresh bed linen? Odd, but it just smells of home! We all have something that reminds of us home, and that scent just reminds me of home, and the family including Jet (the dog). I guess that is one reason I like to bring my stuff home from Uni, so I can bring them back after my visit with a little reminder of home.

So, why don’t you all just think about the scents you love, ย and if you are a blogger then maybe write a blog? Just be happy, and this little thought exercise will make you smile, think of memories (hopefully good ones) and distract you from the world for a while…

via Daily Prompt: Scent


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