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Time to Embrace Change!

So, I’m about to start a new adventure, one to propel me into adulthood because I’ve recently completed my last assignment of a university degree and unless, something goes terribly wrong then I’m hoping to have passed. Now, I find myself looking forward to the future, reconsidering my past and embracing the present. Of course, your own worst enemy is yourself.

I have a list of things to complete:

  1. Get a Job
  2. Travel
  3. Buy a Car
  4. Go Back to do a Masters Eventually…

But for now, I’ll settle with planning trips with my friends, looking forward to graduation, making memories and finding a job. Yet I still find myself looking at the first nearly twenty-two years of my life and wondering what would have happened if I’d have took a few different turns on the road of life. I know it is said, that you should never look back, you should always look forward but, I cannot help and think that I would not be the person I am today without my past, and I would never have gone to university.

The Past

Well, as a kid I was sporty and I still love sports today even if it is more recreational and a great de-stresser so, I do find myself wondering about a path in sports. My other love is reading, I’ve always been interested in books and I love to snuggle in a small corner with my book and just get drawn into magical worlds. So, I also wonder about a path into this field somehow. On top of that, over the years there have been many friends with good and bad experiences felt yet, I never hate the people I’m no longer in touch with. That’s Life! I wish them happiness and a positive life as I have managed to find. But, the thing is all of life events have shaped me whether its struggles, heartache or reaching goals and being a high achiever and I’m proud of where I am today because of this, and I hope other people can find the same feeling.

The Present

Well, as I mentioned I’m about to finish my undergraduate degree alongside nearly a year of blogging which I immensely proud of. It allows me to deal with my feelings, blog about life and speak to the world. So, I wonder if I could utilise this for a career, its enjoyable and I’d love to mix it with my other passions. Now I find myself looking for jobs and truly embracing adulthood because as a student I have noticed you are adults but, not quite? It is like the popular internet meme wherein someone suggests in adult situations they look for an adultier adult, which I find myself agreeing with. However, I am young so I can experience life, and where it takes me at my own pace. I think I’m a lot more zen nowadays, it goes with the positive outlook. You can’t change what you can’t control, so why do I have to control every situation? And, the way you look out on life, reflects your mental state among other things! So, I’m even more proud of myself when I look at the present alongside the past. And, with a life goal achieved I’m ready to look forward to the next!

The Future

I don’t know what that holds. I would hope a family, and travel and love and a career but, I cannot control everything. Although, beginning my steps into a career include sorting out my CV and finding something I’d love to do. I think the future is a mystery, it could go anywhere and I’m happy to take that road to see what I can achieve. I am a very goal orientated person, and I will set myself goals and achieve them when I can!

So, this short post is a bit reflexive and I know my blog has been reflecting on life lately however, when you are reaching the end of a chapter for your life then its time to look back and maybe try re-reading a few worn pages. Before I start writing the next chapter, and I do not have as much time to look back on life. It’s time to take that leap. Maybe, we should all look back, to the present and the future and be proud of who you’ve become.

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Students: What You Wish You’d Been Told About Third Year!!

As my final university year comes to a close, with the triumphs and breakdowns. I think it would be useful to think about what I wish I had been told before I begun my final undergraduate year at university. From triumph to breakdown, I’ve been through it all. Therefore, I feel more than qualified to pass on my wisdom.

Here is a list of things I wish I’d have been told before third year, on how to deal with third year:

Breakdowns are unavoidable, and they happen. You just have to let the emotions out and you’ll feel better.

I know if you are a second year you’ve probably heard the joke about the amount of breakdowns a third year student has, and I bet you think that it is a little extreme! Well, let me tell you I reached my limit, three-four times this year and I’ve heard about other students experiencing more. It happens, and when it does just accept it. You’ve bottled the stress up so much, you’ve built the pressure of the dissertation in your head and you’re attempting to have a life. You have to release it. It’s not conducive to a proper work environment. And I can personally tell you, the emotion may overcome you at a random time when work is not even in front of you. It could be the littlest thing to push you.

You cannot control everything, no matter how organised you are. 

It’s true. You might be the most organised student in the world but, you cannot control third year. The first two years you’ve developed a system, you know when you work best and how you work. But, with all the running around you are bound to get ill. The dissertation is at the back of your mind and it is a constant stresser. And stress is not good for your health-mentally or physically. Which leads me to my next point…

Make time for yourself!

girl runner in reflective jacket
My Running Time

I run. That is my me-time. You have to find an activity in third year solely for you. Something you like to do, that helps you because whilst friends are great. You need to have time to yourself as we all work differently so someone elses early finish, is another persons late start. But don’t place pressure on yourself because of this! You work out whats best for you.

Don’t place all your energy into producing a dissertation. It is just one module!

The dissertation is one module, and it is worth twenty credits. And I KNOW it has a huge build up to it but, there are other assignments who deserve as much attention, as the dissertation does. And each assignment is just as important as the dissertation. I worked one assignment at a time, and I achieved firsts in every module in the beginning of third year. 

But don’t forget the dissertation either…

Black Cover, Sheffield Hallam Logo Channel Bound Dissertation
My Bound Dissertation

While, you shouldn’t place all your energy into the dissertation, you shouldn’t forget about it either. It is a huge undertaking research and you need to work out what is best for you. Keep in contact with your tutors, they are there to help and guide you and the worst thing you could do is not utilise the resource that is available to you. The tutors want to see you succeed!

Make a schedule- and stick to it. 

You don’t want to be someone who does all the work in their final weeks for the dissertation. It is a year around module, and so use the year constructively. Set yourself tasks and complete them on schedule. And again, if you work well with deadlines then inform your tutor. They can set you deadlines for completing work, which keeps you on target. So, I found all my books and resources, and episodes within first semester for my dissertation. I completed notes on it by the end of January, due to a few hiccups I encountered- getting the flu for the first time in my life. And then my tutor set me a deadline for a completed draft, which I had to push by a week due to illness and injury. But, I still had three weeks till the deadline to do any alterations.

Use the university services available to you!

You may find yourself struggling and that is okay. There are university services available to you, through student support or the library. So, if you are unsure about referencing then sign up to a library session and grab the help you need. If you see a support tutor every week due to a learning issue, then make sure to show them your work. Sometimes, you look at something so much, the words begin to jumble and it just takes another set of eyes to pick up on good points or issues with your work. But, it is not just the people employed by university. Did you know that aside from you, the harshest critic of your work will most likely be a student so, tell your friends you would like them to read work and use them. For the most part, it is likely they are in the same position. But, remember to tell them to give you a truthful opinion, if it needs changing it needs changing.

It’s time to start thinking about the future…scary!

It may be a scary thought but, third year is about looking to the future and beginning to make life choices. Now, not everyone knows what they want to do and you know what that is okay. However, you need to have some plan so, you can begin planning your year around the next move in your life. I have decided I would like to work for the next year, before returning to gain a Masters degree. So, I have a plan. But, that won’t stop me from applying for jobs. Set up as many paths as possible and then you can choose which one you will take a journey down, as in the future you can always decide to change direction and jump onto another path.

Finally…Have Fun!!!

University isn’t the only thing in your life, and whilst third year may be stressful and take over your life it shouldn’t. Go and have fun. You don’t have to work constantly to get good grades, so meet with friends, go out and have fun. Or use spare time to develop yourself, it is as simple as setting up a blog or learning a new language or planning to travel. There are a million options in life, and you can pick from them all. Just have fun. For most of you, it’ll be the last year and although university is where we make the friends we’ll probably keep for life, go and have fun.







Took a Little Trip Recently…

Clumsy. It should be my middle name. I wake up with more bruises, more injuries than I go to sleep with. I am a walking injury. My mum jokes that I should walk around wearing bubble wrap or have a rubber suit. I will sit down and find a mystery bruise or even manage to injure myself in some way leading to a game of how’d that happen? And with my memory, and the amount of times I walk into things or fall on a flat surface I have to think about which incident correlates to which bruise. In all fairness, when I’m at home I get to play ‘how’d that happen’ with my mum as she is just as bad. I don’t know if you can inherit clumsiness but, I’m inclined to believe so because she is just as bad as I am.


  • awkward in movement or handling things
  • done awkwardly or without skill
  • difficult to handle or use”

In all these definitions, I think I am being described. This leads me to tell you about the purpose of this post. It begun on Monday. I had cleared the stairs outside the front of my house, I was on a flat surface and BAM! On the floor, ankle swelling and in absolute agony. Yes, I managed to damage the soft tissue on my weak angle which means for the next month or so, I will have to spend time strengthening my ankle instead of running and improving my times and distance. I am currently on day three of a swollen ankle and practicing RICE.





I am currently participating in E, while I blog. Although, they still tell you to move on it also? It is about finding a balance I presume. The thing is…I’m busy and I have stuff to do so, a lot more moving has been done instead of resting. Lets hope that isn’t a bad thing.

The reason I’ve chosen to blog about this is because as someone whose sanity now relies upon being able to exercise or go for a run…it’s left me feeling lost. This is my weak angle, and I’ve done this injury years ago and by falling over I’ve done it again. You’d think I’d learn not to take so many little trips. I’ll begin to strengthen my ankle and adapt. Although any exercise blogs are more than welcome to make suggestions. Time to break out the research.


Why Are You a Champion?

You’ll have to excuse some of my posts, they may seem a little reflective but, as I am reaching a milestone in life, I find I am more reflective. The milestone I am speaking on; graduating from my undergraduate degree. Therefore, I feel like a champion! I feel that coming to the end of my education, with good grades from assignments I am a champion. I’ve completed an elected part of my life, which originally I was not even planning on attending university to begin with.

I am a champion! In my mind, I have achieved the goal I set out too and am now finishing up third year of university. Next, it will be looking for work, working on my  blog and eventually completing a Masters! The light is blinding at the end of this tunnel, and suddenly its time to fully enter adulthood. I found that whilst yes, I am an adult according to my age….21! At university, you are in limbo- not quite an adult but, you are because you have to look after yourself. Contrary to popular opinion student food is not always pasta, pasta in sauce packets, takeaway pizza and pot noodles. Some of us enjoy cooking, learning new dishes and learning to live. This makes you a champion in my eyes too because, it can be hard.

I think everyone should make a list of everything they feel they are champions of, it’ll be motivational, it’ll show you that you do not have to achieve big victories to be a champion and most importantly, it’ll make you smile. So, here is my list:

I am a champion because:

  1. I completed my dissertation.
  2. I moved out of my parents house for two years of university, realising I can live alone
  3. I can run eight miles, when I’m not injured (that’s a post for later)
  4. I can cook a multitude of dishes
  5. I finished one of my book series after years of collecting them
  6. I will be finishing university, leaving with a undergraduate degree
  7. I believe I am a champion

So, now its your turn. Why are you a champion? Leave a comment on this post if you’d like, or make a list and keep it to yourself. It’s a great motivational tool and you’ll smile. We are all champions.

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The Panic is Over

Oops!! It’s been an entire month since I have posted to my blog…not good. But, I have been busy! So, now its time to get back to creating content and officially setting up my portfolio. As I have said many times, I am a third-year media student and so I have been focusing on writing my dissertation, which will soon be available once I have graduated.

So, my first post…and I’m sorry you will be bombarded today will be about the PANICKED few months I have had. I am a person who has to sit with all the information in front of me thus, meaning all my research must be completed first before I can plan and then write an assignment out. I know it sounds like a lot but that’s how my brain works! So, as you can imagine during the week I sat and physically wrote my paper was everywhere, my white board was filled with notes, I had a huge ultra detailed plan and books lived all over my desk while I sat typing. And let me tell you as someone who is opposed to a lot of mess, these two traits in my personality clash a lot! The mess stresses me out, but so does not having my notes everywhere! I believe its called organised chaos…

Organised Chaos:

“a complex situation or process that appears chaotic while having enough order to achieve progress or goals”-Collins Dictionary

I don’t know how my parents put up with me, as the only place to do work is on the kitchen table and they have to use the table. It’s a system of moving my work around to do stuff and then remembering exactly where it went (on their behalf) otherwise, unfortunately it serves to stress myself out more.

Aside from my dissertation panic, I’ve also been ill, had a fall causing a soft tissue injury and trying to get other assignments started or finished. So life has been so busy lately, it feels like I haven’t stopped at all. However, while the panicky feeling has been very annoying it has been helpful. I always think if you are to calm while completing work then there is something wrong, you should be feeling nervous because those re-writes are what makes it better. If you feel like that, then you strive to do better!

So, I’ll now get around to updating more posts. You’ve been warned. Sorry about the lack of posts, I’ve been so busy. Third-year has been crazy. Time to adult.