Took a Little Trip Recently…

Clumsy. It should be my middle name. I wake up with more bruises, more injuries than I go to sleep with. I am a walking injury. My mum jokes that I should walk around wearing bubble wrap or have a rubber suit. I will sit down and find a mystery bruise or even manage to injure myself in some way leading to a game of how’d that happen? And with my memory, and the amount of times I walk into things or fall on a flat surface I have to think about which incident correlates to which bruise. In all fairness, when I’m at home I get to play ‘how’d that happen’ with my mum as she is just as bad. I don’t know if you can inherit clumsiness but, I’m inclined to believe so because she is just as bad as I am.


  • awkward in movement or handling things
  • done awkwardly or without skill
  • difficult to handle or use”

In all these definitions, I think I am being described. This leads me to tell you about the purpose of this post. It begun on Monday. I had cleared the stairs outside the front of my house, I was on a flat surface and BAM! On the floor, ankle swelling and in absolute agony. Yes, I managed to damage the soft tissue on my weak angle which means for the next month or so, I will have to spend time strengthening my ankle instead of running and improving my times and distance. I am currently on day three of a swollen ankle and practicing RICE.





I am currently participating in E, while I blog. Although, they still tell you to move on it also? It is about finding a balance I presume. The thing is…I’m busy and I have stuff to do so, a lot more moving has been done instead of resting. Lets hope that isn’t a bad thing.

The reason I’ve chosen to blog about this is because as someone whose sanity now relies upon being able to exercise or go for a run…it’s left me feeling lost. This is my weak angle, and I’ve done this injury years ago and by falling over I’ve done it again. You’d think I’d learn not to take so many little trips. I’ll begin to strengthen my ankle and adapt. Although any exercise blogs are more than welcome to make suggestions. Time to break out the research.

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