Why Are You a Champion?

You’ll have to excuse some of my posts, they may seem a little reflective but, as I am reaching a milestone in life, I find I am more reflective. The milestone I am speaking on; graduating from my undergraduate degree. Therefore, I feel like a champion! I feel that coming to the end of my education, with good grades from assignments I am a champion. I’ve completed an elected part of my life, which originally I was not even planning on attending university to begin with.

I am a champion! In my mind, I have achieved the goal I set out too and am now finishing up third year of university. Next, it will be looking for work, working on my  blog and eventually completing a Masters! The light is blinding at the end of this tunnel, and suddenly its time to fully enter adulthood. I found that whilst yes, I am an adult according to my age….21! At university, you are in limbo- not quite an adult but, you are because you have to look after yourself. Contrary to popular opinion student food is not always pasta, pasta in sauce packets, takeaway pizza and pot noodles. Some of us enjoy cooking, learning new dishes and learning to live. This makes you a champion in my eyes too because, it can be hard.

I think everyone should make a list of everything they feel they are champions of, it’ll be motivational, it’ll show you that you do not have to achieve big victories to be a champion and most importantly, it’ll make you smile. So, here is my list:

I am a champion because:

  1. I completed my dissertation.
  2. I moved out of my parents house for two years of university, realising I can live alone
  3. I can run eight miles, when I’m not injured (that’s a post for later)
  4. I can cook a multitude of dishes
  5. I finished one of my book series after years of collecting them
  6. I will be finishing university, leaving with a undergraduate degree
  7. I believe I am a champion

So, now its your turn. Why are you a champion? Leave a comment on this post if you’d like, or make a list and keep it to yourself. It’s a great motivational tool and you’ll smile. We are all champions.

via Daily Prompt: Champion


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