Car Journey Playlist

Officially Summer starts in ONE MONTH! Not that long ago it felt like the year had just begun and spring was on its way. The blossoms were falling from trees, leaves began to appear in their various shades of green and the colours of Spring and Summer began to appear throughout England.


With Summer around the corner, I began thinking about all my past Summers and the memories that have been made. And BAM! This blog post is the result of those thoughts, more specifically car journeys! We all pile into cars and head to the nearest beaches, festivals, countryside walks and holidays. And when you’re in the car there needs to be a musical playlist. So, I’ve decided to make my own- a playlist influenced by previous car journeys, songs that I love to listen too and some classics. Here are five songs that will definitely appear on my playlist.

Dancing in the Moonlight

I have many memories of sitting in the car, singing to this song as my family and I went on a camping adventure somewhere. It’s catchy, upbeat and I love it! So, this is a definite for car journeys. It’ll get you all in the mood for singing to songs, being silly and enjoying the journey ahead.

Mr Blue Sky

I grew up with this CD played a lot on car journeys, and eventually you grow to love these songs. Mr Blue Sky was blasted out in the car, while on the actual campsite and at home in the summer. It still is, and it isn’t half catchy. You hear it and just want to dance, I don’t know why but, I’d definitely have this on in my car to get the journey going. It’d feel wrong to not hear it at least once or twice…

Stayin Alive 

When we aren’t listening to a CD, the radio is normally on. I grew up listening to stations such as Absolute-rock, 80’s etc, Smooth, Peak FM and Radio 2 among many more. I can remember this song being played multiple times, followed by myself, mum and other family members humming or singing along to it. So, it has to appear on the list. You just have to love the song and of course it is great for in the car.

Don’t Stop Me Now

I love it, as you can tell I was bought up on some very different songs. My parents love of rock, some pop and other genres has led to some older songs being my favourite. This song comes on and everyone starts singing, it is just one of those songs we all love. It made my playlist because whenever this comes on, the volume goes up and for just over three and a half minutes everyone stops what they are doing to just appreciate this song.

Shut Up and Dance

Its a few years old now but, I still love this song. It is so catchy and I would have to listen to this on a car journey. It’s upbeat, with an alternative feel. I just love it. This will definitely be played repeatedly in my car on future car journeys.

Well, this is the start of my car playlist. There are many more songs I could listen too in a car but, if I listened to them all then we would be here all day. My taste is quite eclectic so, be warned before you go somewhere with me…the music is going to be good…but random. You’ll wonder where I got my taste from, but by the end of it you’ll be singing along to all these songs with me.


Warm Bodies:Review

Director: Jonathon Levine

Writer: Isaac Marion


  • Nicholas Hoult as R
  • Teresa Palmer as Julie Grigio
  • Rob Corddry as M / Marcus
  • Dave Franco as Perry Kelvin
  • Analeigh Tipton as Nora
  • Cory Hardrict as Kevin
  • John Malkovich as Colonel Grigio
  • Patrick Sabongui as Hunting zombie
  • Justin Bradley as Unknown
  • Tod Fennell as Armed Patrol

Certificate: 12A                                                                       

This movie is the perfect cross between humour, romance and horror. Every audience member is left both amused and scared.

Pic of zombie and girl with text next to them reading he's still dead but he's getting warmer

Jonathon Levine, most known for directing the film 50/50, has in my opinion made one of the most amusing zombie films ever.

Warm Bodies is about the world post apocalypse, set in a city where most of the zombies have been living in an airport and the human survivors behind a wall to stay safe. Julie, daughter of the colonel heads into the city to collect medical supplies where she meets R who saves her. He’s different from the rest. He eventually takes her home but they have already affected other zombie’s lives. Can the zombies be cured?

Nicholas Hoult, an up and coming actor is pushed into the limelight as he plays the main character, R the zombie. We see the story from his characters point of view, who makes quirky, amusing comments all the way through the film.

What am I doing with my life? I just wanna connect. Why can’t I connect with people? Oh right, it’s cause I’m dead.’ – R

 Is it possible for the humans and the zombies to live together as one? Can there be a cure?

There is an amazing fight at the end where we see the bonies (zombies too far gone that they ripped their flesh off) fighting against zombies and humans together but who will win the battle? What will become of the loser?

This film was based on a book and I think that Jonathon Levine has been successful in creating a whole new genre of zombie movies. I would recommend you put down whatever you are doing and go watch this film… if you dare.

Rating: 4/5

Verdict: I would watch the film over and over, it’s something that you can just sit back and watch.


Student Life

Tips and Tricks: How I Dealt With My Dissertation- A Personal Experience

Recently, my university released our provisional marks for our final year dissertation projects. I’m very pleased with my mark, and fingers crossed this is confirmed when our official grades are released. This sparked an idea for a blog post- this blog post further inspired by the fact I’ve seen a few statuses on social media from people discussing their choice of topics. Now, this is in no way a guide to picking a dissertation topic as each piece of work is individual to the person however, I thought a blog post discussing my process would be useful.

First a little context:

My dissertation focuses on the representation of female detectives in two British crime dramas; New Tricks and Vera. It specifically analyses DCI Vera Stanhope and DCI Sasha Miller, from their respective shows.

From my own Instagram profile! This is going to sound so cliche but bear with me, and maybe you’ll think some of these points are common sense but everyone is difference. And as I have previously stated this is my personal experience.

Choose a Topic You Are Interested In!

As I said ‘cliche’, and you have probably heard it a million times before but there is always someone who believes they’ll get an even better grade by choosing something interesting and innovative. However, while this has worked for some people it does not work for others. You should pick a topic you’re interested in, something you’ll work hard on to achieve a good grade. I chose to write about crime television specifically the female detective of British Crime Drama. This is something I have had an interest in since I was a child, and because there was little written on my particular topic it made for an interesting research project.

Start Your Research Early

At my university, on this media course we had a second year module which prepared us for dissertation writing and research. However, I understand not all universities offer this experience but the majority usually ask for you to fill in an proposal form before or over the summer. This is there way of asking you to begin your dissertation early because you’ll still have five other modules to pass alongside this. The dissertation is only a second semester module for my course, but we were informed that if we still wanted to treat it as a full year module we could! And that is the best advice you can get. I understand there are other tasks you need to complete whether it is working, completing assignments but setting aside a few hours each week or even every two weeks means you’ll be able to collect your research and have a less stressful second semester because you don’t have three months to collect and write the dissertation to a standard you are happy with.

I chose to utilise this piece of advice, and after completely finishing my research with one month till submission I was happy to write my dissertation. Now, it took me four days to write it, and that is my process and I have always been able to do it but, if you need more time then start earlier. My point is if you have all your research-academic or primary which entails you to gather the data completed then the only thing left to do is write it out.

Laptop, books, water bottle-research necessities
It is important to understand the topic you are working on

Back Everything Up…

I’m sure you’ve heard this about every assignment you have ever written but, if there is anytime to take this advice it is now. Normally, we write 2000 word assignments and after a while you get into a rhythm that allows you to bang 2000 words out quickly but, do not think for one second that 6000+ word assignment will be just as easy. If you are a student who reads and then types then this is particularly important. What if you lose your work and cannot remember all the articles you use. Because you are going to have to remember, find and reread them as you begin typing all over again. Luckily, I did not lose any work and so I did not need to use any of my back-ups but, I had them none the less. And I believe this is common sense yet I’ll say it anyway. Please have more than one back-up because there are a variety of scenarios in which you could lose a memory stick or smash your hard drive or your computer could crash. I had two memory sticks, a hard drive and two sets of files on my computer of the sections I had written plus, I emailed everything to another email address so I could access it anywhere as well as saving it to my Cloud drive.

Make A Plan!

I have always planned and then written an assignment. It may feel like an assignment is taking longer but, by planning out the dissertation I was able to achieve my grade and be sure I was placing in the correct quotations, and academic sources alongside my textual analysis research. However, ridiculous this may sound I had a plan to finish my research by a certain date and I did, I had a basic structure on a white board in my room of each heading and section and I then had a detailed plan of my actual dissertation. It worked, I simply had to follow it. Alongside that, I focused on each section as an essay entirely in itself which meant I never lost momentum and each section was treated with the same amount of detail and dedication.

Dissertation Plan: All 15 Pages...
Dissertation Plan: All 15 Pages…


Use Your Tutor…

We are all assigned a tutor throughout the dissertation for a reason, they are there to help you through discussing your work and provide deadlines. I work to deadlines, its easier for me so, I asked my tutor to set my a deadline for each piece of research I did and that kept me on track. There are no stupid requests. If that helps you, then set individual deadlines. If you are struggling to narrow down your topic, speak to the tutor:

Originally, I had three female detectives due to the two programmes I had chosen; New Tricks and Vera however, we quickly realised this would increase my workload when I could use two detectives in a case study.

Within reason, they are a source to be used in assisting with your dissertation so use them. You are adults and given the sole responsibility to contact them once you discover who they are and they shouldn’t have to chase you around. So, contact them and use them but, if you aren’t in contact with them or do not try then it is on your shoulders the dissertation stands.

Stay Organised

Invest in a folder and keep your books in order. Bookmark every article and remember to reference correctly throughout the assignment. I work best in a state of ‘organised chaos’ so, while I have a system someone else may be confused. But, I found with this piece of work buying a folder and keeping all my work inside meant I never lost anything, and creating a folder solely for my dissertation on google meant my articles were there to be accessed when needed. If you take one piece of advice away from this post, take this one and stay organised. Make sure your books are easily accessible, and if they are not available re-request them as soon as possible to get them back. If you are organised, it dials back the stress you feel and keeps all of your work in one place.

Dissertation Work in a plastic wallet
All in One Place


Try to Stay Calm (ommmm)

I understand that this one module has so much pressure placed onto it, that you may feel overwhelmed which leads to stress, illness, more stress and a few breakdowns. And it may sound like an impossible task but, working yourself up is not going to help. I can give this advice now, but it would have been hypocritical before as I had a few stressful days which led to tears and anger and feeling useless. However, not about my dissertation…I had stress about other assignments. I’ve always found a cry is good because you bottle the emotions for so long, the stress needs a release. So, try to stay calm (if possible) while writing your dissertation try! Take up an activity, something away from assignments- exercise, read, write a diary just release the emotions somehow and you’ll feel calmer and able to write you dissertation.

Do Not Rush Your Work…Even If Your Friends Are Closer to Finishing

We all work at a different pace and in different ways. So, if your friends are closer to finishing than you it does not matter because rest assured you are on track and each person is different. And it may stress you out if the people further in front discuss their work but this does not apply to you, or your methods and you should focus on yourselves. I’m one of the few who had finished writing three weeks before and had it completely done ten days before the deadline. I also have a friend who was finished even before that, but I did not let that get in my way as I knew I would finish at my own pace. We spend so much time worrying about where everyone else is, that people forget it is about them and their process. So, yes your friends might be finished or close to finishing and you are not but, that does not matter. Instead focus on your own work (like I did) and get it done. Of course, if it is stressing you out that people are further into the writing process then you need to find a way to deal with it. But, the only way to stop that is to knuckle down with your work and finish it so you can be part of the conversation.

Hopefully, this post will be an interesting read and you may have a few tips and tricks of your own for people about to undertake a dissertation. So feel free to share them. This is based upon my own experience of dissertation writing, and as I did not create an applied project I cannot even begin to discuss how hard they were and the way you deal with them. However, I’m sure they went through similar experiences. Just remember each and everyone one of you is different and produces work in different ways.




Get Better, Feel Better, Be Better!

<a href=””>Better</a&gt;

On my blog, I have previously spoken about running and an injury I suffered in the past, which unfortunately flared up again when I tripped on a flat surface and caused the same soft tissue injury again. BUT I am better, and fitter than five/six weeks ago as I just ran 4.01 miles today in 50 minutes whilst, still having a few twinges in my ankle. It’s better than last weeks slow and steady-test the water two mile run so, that means I am getting there.

As someone who now loves to stay fit and healthy, with the busy schedule and injury I’ve had meant running really was not an option and so, I was stressed and tired and feeling a little trapped. Because that little run is what make me less stressed and allows my brain to re-focus. I cannot tell you how many times, I’ve been running and had an epiphany on how to complete some work. I do not know what magic this is, and I do not question it…I just utilise it.

Now, around this time last year if you told me I was going to get back into running, start losing weight and be fit enough to run over six miles when I am back on full form I would have told people they were joking…but, here I am running and happy about it. You see this showed me I could achieve little goals I set for myself, it served to re-motivate me after I had lost all motivation, and did not like where I was in terms of health and fitness. It further allowed me to continue the positive mindset I had chosen to adopt by then and it worked. There is nothing like a good run to get better, feel better and be better.

When I saw this daily prompt, I instantly knew I was going to write about running, and injuries and life. But, that is what made me feel better;

-about myself

-about life

-about what I could achieve

And to further prove my point, my grades improved, I was smiling more because I had no negativity and I was running. I aim to continue that positive mindset, I aim to continue improving my health, I want to get better, and be better!

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