Car Journey Playlist

Officially Summer starts in ONE MONTH! Not that long ago it felt like the year had just begun and spring was on its way. The blossoms were falling from trees, leaves began to appear in their various shades of green and the colours of Spring and Summer began to appear throughout England.


With Summer around the corner, I began thinking about all my past Summers and the memories that have been made. And BAM! This blog post is the result of those thoughts, more specifically car journeys! We all pile into cars and head to the nearest beaches, festivals, countryside walks and holidays. And when you’re in the car there needs to be a musical playlist. So, I’ve decided to make my own- a playlist influenced by previous car journeys, songs that I love to listen too and some classics. Here are five songs that will definitely appear on my playlist.

Dancing in the Moonlight

I have many memories of sitting in the car, singing to this song as my family and I went on a camping adventure somewhere. It’s catchy, upbeat and I love it! So, this is a definite for car journeys. It’ll get you all in the mood for singing to songs, being silly and enjoying the journey ahead.

Mr Blue Sky

I grew up with this CD played a lot on car journeys, and eventually you grow to love these songs. Mr Blue Sky was blasted out in the car, while on the actual campsite and at home in the summer. It still is, and it isn’t half catchy. You hear it and just want to dance, I don’t know why but, I’d definitely have this on in my car to get the journey going. It’d feel wrong to not hear it at least once or twice…

Stayin Alive 

When we aren’t listening to a CD, the radio is normally on. I grew up listening to stations such as Absolute-rock, 80’s etc, Smooth, Peak FM and Radio 2 among many more. I can remember this song being played multiple times, followed by myself, mum and other family members humming or singing along to it. So, it has to appear on the list. You just have to love the song and of course it is great for in the car.

Don’t Stop Me Now

I love it, as you can tell I was bought up on some very different songs. My parents love of rock, some pop and other genres has led to some older songs being my favourite. This song comes on and everyone starts singing, it is just one of those songs we all love. It made my playlist because whenever this comes on, the volume goes up and for just over three and a half minutes everyone stops what they are doing to just appreciate this song.

Shut Up and Dance

Its a few years old now but, I still love this song. It is so catchy and I would have to listen to this on a car journey. It’s upbeat, with an alternative feel. I just love it. This will definitely be played repeatedly in my car on future car journeys.

Well, this is the start of my car playlist. There are many more songs I could listen too in a car but, if I listened to them all then we would be here all day. My taste is quite eclectic so, be warned before you go somewhere with me…the music is going to be good…but random. You’ll wonder where I got my taste from, but by the end of it you’ll be singing along to all these songs with me.


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