Summer has arrived…and left again

Pray for the UK!

It has over a month since summer officially began and if you live in the United Kingdom (as I do) then you’ll be well aware we’ve had sun, cloud, rain and more cloud! That’s right, we had that week of boiling hot sun and I’m guessing that is it for us…

Meme: summer clothes, chucking it down.

I should not be surprised. I grew up here, I actually remember the English floods we had ten years ago this summer. Here summer is humid and cloudy most of the time. It’s a good job I haven’t gone away camping, it always seems to rain when that happens. I have an interesting factoid for you all though which I can certainly witness:

  • It is the most thundery time of year…

Yes, it is, and especially here in the UK. You see its either cloudy and humid leading to a build-up or it chucks it down and thunder always comes with rain. Either way, if you are from the UK or visiting expect some thunder or rain or both.

And you wonder why the English are so prepared. You see when we leave the house we need to make sure we pack for any sudden changes in the weather. Just because we left the house and it was warm does not mean that you won’t get soaked coming back from a day out or work? It’s a rule of thumb but you get used to it and this preparedness rubs off on us wherever we go. So next time you are laughing at an overprepared tourist with a pac ‘a’ mac, an umbrella, wellies on with shorts and a strappy top and a warm jumper wrapped around out waists just remember this is what we have come to expect. But also, when it does rain and we are perfectly dry and you are soaked because we came prepared then yes, we are laughing at you.

But you’ll also find this odd weather climate has prepared us. While it drops below 14 and you begin to get cold…if you live in a warmer climate those of us from over the pond still consider this warm! Or in the Autumn when we just stick a pair of tights on underneath our skirts and dresses that’s because we are used to the cooler climate, and for us it is still warm. SO, in some respects English weather has prepared us to be resilient and organised in the face of all weather.

With summer time officially here and uncertainty in front of us all I ask is those of warmer climates send their sunshine over here to us. Or risk the English coming over to holiday…

#prayforasunnysummer #englishsun


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