Opening Weekend: Six Nations


If you can’t tell I am a huge rugby fan, specifically England at this current time. Because the six nations has begun. And the first weekend was amazing. From Sextons astonishing 42 metre kick to score a drop goal- sealing Ireland their first win of the six nations, the amazing French defence, Wales v Scotland utterly captivating game to the nail biter of England and Italy today- rugby was amazing. So for the next few weeks, I’ll be putting on my rugby jersey and jacket on- supporting the roses- but also, appreciating some amazing rugby feats. Especially with the world cup on it’s way, these players will definitely up their game because as with any sport, it is all about getting on that team.

Last year we saw injuries, retirements and some players have simply not been called up so, there is new blood. It’s interesting to watch because as much as the opposing team can research the new players until their feet are on the pitch, speeding to the line to score a try- you truly do not know what they can do. It’s brilliant to see how these players bring their own spin to the team, a different skill they didn’t have before. Such as Sam Simmonds fast feet today- those two tries were a thing of pure beauty- once he was gone, they couldn’t catch him.

In our house, rugby is everyone’s common bond. We put on our gear, head out in the rain and sit in a pub enjoying the rugby with anyone who wants to watch. You see, as much as we all support a team when it’s a good game, and if your team end up losing we congratulate the other side. In rugby, there is no such thing as animosity. We tease, we banter one another but, we appreciate a good game. It is completely opposite to football. And just because we don’t fight doesn’t mean we aren’t as passionate it’s just about having a good game, with great plays and extraordinary players.

Some of the players are tall or fast or small or bulky, this is a game for every type, every creature. It involves everyone, fans and players alike, alienating no one. There is a sense of family I guess. Overall, rugby is a game of beauty- to be appreciated in all of its forms. Most games involve a lot of offence and defence, others can be entirely defensive but no game is ever the same. It is always exhilarating for the fans to watch.

There is just something about rugby. Something special. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I am aware but, if you just gave it a go you’ll be glued to the screen like everyone else cheering someone on. In my house, there isn’t really a split although mum does wear green when Ireland play. But, what would you expect from someone with family from Ireland? Dad and myself support England, but we appreciate any good game of rugby at the end of the day!

Come on, give it a go.



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