Academic and Professional Factors that Impact Project Work

Here is my CV: Stephanie Watson CV

As a future employee within the graduate sector, I have a range of skills which I have gained throughout university, but also other experiences throughout my life. As I have competed in sports teams throughout my school career and personal life, I much prefer to work as a team, as I have seen through playing football, learning to fight, competing at athletic competitions that it is an efficient way to complete tasks set out whether it be, score a goal, winning the relay race or working together to train without hurting one another. However, I have taken initiative when it is needed in certain situations. For example, during my most recent seasonal job, working at Vue, I worked as part of a team of floor staff to clean out cinemas, check people had the right tickets etc, I was left alone to clean a screen, as we were short staffed. After, finishing this screen, instead of waiting for other floor staff to come and assist, I worked out the next screen which needed to be cleaned and completed the task. As a result, the floor staff and my manager were impressed with my initiative to carry on with a job, I had begun training on the shift before.

In order, to improve upon my skills I could be more confident within interviews and the job environment, as I do not always speak up when I have an issue or may be stuck with a task. For example, I went for an interview, after a successful phone interview at shoe zone and throughout the interview, I stuttered, scrunched into the seat and overall had no confidence. After, the interview finished she asked if I had any further questions, I was so nervous I couldn’t think of anything and just replied no. Needless to say, I did not receive the job and have since then tried to create a more confident manner, even though I am do not always feel confident. If I had conducted more research, I may have had questions to ask and felt more confident within the interview.

In terms of telephone manner, I have been successful on every phone interview I have ever encountered, falling short at the interview stage. So, I do know how to speak within a business like manner, at a relevant speed to impress possible employers or in relation to dissertation work, I know how to speak in a polite tone, so to ask for certain information. However, I do not know the correct message taking protocols, to take a message for someone, as I have never had an administrative job. I have only ever taken messages for my family, in which I know the people who are usually calling. Upon reflection, to better myself I could work on learning correct message taking protocols.

At the moment, I have little plans for the future as I am unsure of where I want to go in life, although I would like to work for a council or the police, in their media department I understand I may have to work from the bottom of the company and progress further up, as time goes by. I do not have many contacts, as my family are not really associated with the media world however my mother who works for my hometown local council has spoken to those within the media department, asking what their job entails and citing my interest to work in such a department. I have concerns about gaining future jobs but, I have made the decision to finish university before, I gain experiences within the media world so to, be able to apply my full focus.

As previously stated, I have been successful at every phone interview, for which I have gotten and also, out of the five jobs I have interviewed for, I have received three offers, taking two of them. Since, I have failed to gain two jobs I have learnt that confidence is key to gaining a job but also, not to be disheartened if you are not offered a job, instead I ask for feedback, to see what I can do better. Some feedback I have received includes, we would have liked you to ask more questions. For an interview, I dress smart casual- a black jacket, a pencil skirt with skin coloured tights or black trousers and a white top with black-smart shoes. In the past, interviewers have commented on my dress stating they had previously seen other candidates in scruffy trousers and that I looked smart, which made an impression as I was offered the job. I have not yet met with Maggie Bamford and so, need to book an appointment upon which she can help improve CV although, I alter my CV dependent upon the skills the jobs require to demonstrate why I am suitable for the job. I have little experience writing a cover letter, thus I could book into see Maggie Bamford, so to understand the content needed for one lecturer.

I have little online presence only owning a Facebook account which I have privatised and an Instagram account, which is public but can be made private at any time. It has not affected myself, in applying for jobs as I keep conservative or private accounts so to, not appear wild or inappropriate for possible jobs. I do not own a twitter account, due to bad experiences I have received on twitter, from people I was previously friends with, since then I prefer not to have twitter although, I understand the benefits of owning a professional twitter account. Furthermore, I have been offered jobs based on my Instagram account, although not media based.

At the grad talk, I learnt that I could gain a wide range of careers from my media degree that I am not stuck with applying to media companies as I previously assumed. I did not find any graduate particularly interesting or memorable, aside from the girl who mentioned she worked for Rotherham council, simply because I realised that I could pursue a media career within institutions, not just the media industry. No presentation particularly stood out for me, as I plan to gain experience within the media after university. It only slightly began to panic myself, that I was leaving within a year and soon would become a graduate myself however, I am happy in that I am ready for the next chapter within my life.

Due to illness, I was unable to attend the pathways events although I was booked onto talk to some of the talks. I feel as though, I have lost out of a great experience and will be attending next year in hopes to gain contacts within the media world. However, as I am not sure of the career I want, I don’t think it would be particularly useful for me to attend this year as, I feel I was unorganised and indecisive which is unattractive to employers.

If I work for a council media department, I may have to contend with vulnerable groups, if I help to produce the monthly council magazine which is sent out or the website detailing what people have achieved within the area the council covers. Thus, I will have to consider the ethics of dealing with vulnerable groups while, following the councils own guidelines. This helps in relation to my dissertation topic, as the questionnaire will have to deal with vulnerable groups in that, I have to instruct them on who can take part, and that they may be quoted and what the data I am collating is for. Also, ethical issues could incur when quoting particular people, if I haven’t previously gained permission within the job environment which could lead to disciplinary action. Similarly, if I do not complete an ethics form, before beginning my dissertation I could face disciplinary action, for not considering the ethical issues surrounding my research.