Summer has arrived…and left again

Pray for the UK!

It has over a month since summer officially began and if you live in the United Kingdom (as I do) then you’ll be well aware we’ve had sun, cloud, rain and more cloud! That’s right, we had that week of boiling hot sun and I’m guessing that is it for us…

Meme: summer clothes, chucking it down.

I should not be surprised. I grew up here, I actually remember the English floods we had ten years ago this summer. Here summer is humid and cloudy most of the time. It’s a good job I haven’t gone away camping, it always seems to rain when that happens. I have an interesting factoid for you all though which I can certainly witness:

  • It is the most thundery time of year…

Yes, it is, and especially here in the UK. You see its either cloudy and humid leading to a build-up or it chucks it down and thunder always comes with rain. Either way, if you are from the UK or visiting expect some thunder or rain or both.

And you wonder why the English are so prepared. You see when we leave the house we need to make sure we pack for any sudden changes in the weather. Just because we left the house and it was warm does not mean that you won’t get soaked coming back from a day out or work? It’s a rule of thumb but you get used to it and this preparedness rubs off on us wherever we go. So next time you are laughing at an overprepared tourist with a pac ‘a’ mac, an umbrella, wellies on with shorts and a strappy top and a warm jumper wrapped around out waists just remember this is what we have come to expect. But also, when it does rain and we are perfectly dry and you are soaked because we came prepared then yes, we are laughing at you.

But you’ll also find this odd weather climate has prepared us. While it drops below 14 and you begin to get cold…if you live in a warmer climate those of us from over the pond still consider this warm! Or in the Autumn when we just stick a pair of tights on underneath our skirts and dresses that’s because we are used to the cooler climate, and for us it is still warm. SO, in some respects English weather has prepared us to be resilient and organised in the face of all weather.

On assignment in #Hastings. Weather could scarcely be more miserable #englishsummertime #thepeoplespier

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With summer time officially here and uncertainty in front of us all I ask is those of warmer climates send their sunshine over here to us. Or risk the English coming over to holiday…

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Car Journey Playlist

Officially Summer starts in ONE MONTH! Not that long ago it felt like the year had just begun and spring was on its way. The blossoms were falling from trees, leaves began to appear in their various shades of green and the colours of Spring and Summer began to appear throughout England.


With Summer around the corner, I began thinking about all my past Summers and the memories that have been made. And BAM! This blog post is the result of those thoughts, more specifically car journeys! We all pile into cars and head to the nearest beaches, festivals, countryside walks and holidays. And when you’re in the car there needs to be a musical playlist. So, I’ve decided to make my own- a playlist influenced by previous car journeys, songs that I love to listen too and some classics. Here are five songs that will definitely appear on my playlist.

Dancing in the Moonlight

I have many memories of sitting in the car, singing to this song as my family and I went on a camping adventure somewhere. It’s catchy, upbeat and I love it! So, this is a definite for car journeys. It’ll get you all in the mood for singing to songs, being silly and enjoying the journey ahead.

Mr Blue Sky

I grew up with this CD played a lot on car journeys, and eventually you grow to love these songs. Mr Blue Sky was blasted out in the car, while on the actual campsite and at home in the summer. It still is, and it isn’t half catchy. You hear it and just want to dance, I don’t know why but, I’d definitely have this on in my car to get the journey going. It’d feel wrong to not hear it at least once or twice…

Stayin Alive 

When we aren’t listening to a CD, the radio is normally on. I grew up listening to stations such as Absolute-rock, 80’s etc, Smooth, Peak FM and Radio 2 among many more. I can remember this song being played multiple times, followed by myself, mum and other family members humming or singing along to it. So, it has to appear on the list. You just have to love the song and of course it is great for in the car.

Don’t Stop Me Now

I love it, as you can tell I was bought up on some very different songs. My parents love of rock, some pop and other genres has led to some older songs being my favourite. This song comes on and everyone starts singing, it is just one of those songs we all love. It made my playlist because whenever this comes on, the volume goes up and for just over three and a half minutes everyone stops what they are doing to just appreciate this song.

Shut Up and Dance

Its a few years old now but, I still love this song. It is so catchy and I would have to listen to this on a car journey. It’s upbeat, with an alternative feel. I just love it. This will definitely be played repeatedly in my car on future car journeys.

Well, this is the start of my car playlist. There are many more songs I could listen too in a car but, if I listened to them all then we would be here all day. My taste is quite eclectic so, be warned before you go somewhere with me…the music is going to be good…but random. You’ll wonder where I got my taste from, but by the end of it you’ll be singing along to all these songs with me.


Get Better, Feel Better, Be Better!

<a href=””>Better</a&gt;

On my blog, I have previously spoken about running and an injury I suffered in the past, which unfortunately flared up again when I tripped on a flat surface and caused the same soft tissue injury again. BUT I am better, and fitter than five/six weeks ago as I just ran 4.01 miles today in 50 minutes whilst, still having a few twinges in my ankle. It’s better than last weeks slow and steady-test the water two mile run so, that means I am getting there.

As someone who now loves to stay fit and healthy, with the busy schedule and injury I’ve had meant running really was not an option and so, I was stressed and tired and feeling a little trapped. Because that little run is what make me less stressed and allows my brain to re-focus. I cannot tell you how many times, I’ve been running and had an epiphany on how to complete some work. I do not know what magic this is, and I do not question it…I just utilise it.

Now, around this time last year if you told me I was going to get back into running, start losing weight and be fit enough to run over six miles when I am back on full form I would have told people they were joking…but, here I am running and happy about it. You see this showed me I could achieve little goals I set for myself, it served to re-motivate me after I had lost all motivation, and did not like where I was in terms of health and fitness. It further allowed me to continue the positive mindset I had chosen to adopt by then and it worked. There is nothing like a good run to get better, feel better and be better.

When I saw this daily prompt, I instantly knew I was going to write about running, and injuries and life. But, that is what made me feel better;

-about myself

-about life

-about what I could achieve

And to further prove my point, my grades improved, I was smiling more because I had no negativity and I was running. I aim to continue that positive mindset, I aim to continue improving my health, I want to get better, and be better!

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Boat on water, with three rings and rope on water in lake district-Conniston.

Time to Embrace Change!

So, I’m about to start a new adventure, one to propel me into adulthood because I’ve recently completed my last assignment of a university degree and unless, something goes terribly wrong then I’m hoping to have passed. Now, I find myself looking forward to the future, reconsidering my past and embracing the present. Of course, your own worst enemy is yourself.

I have a list of things to complete:

  1. Get a Job
  2. Travel
  3. Buy a Car
  4. Go Back to do a Masters Eventually…

But for now, I’ll settle with planning trips with my friends, looking forward to graduation, making memories and finding a job. Yet I still find myself looking at the first nearly twenty-two years of my life and wondering what would have happened if I’d have took a few different turns on the road of life. I know it is said, that you should never look back, you should always look forward but, I cannot help and think that I would not be the person I am today without my past, and I would never have gone to university.

The Past

Well, as a kid I was sporty and I still love sports today even if it is more recreational and a great de-stresser so, I do find myself wondering about a path in sports. My other love is reading, I’ve always been interested in books and I love to snuggle in a small corner with my book and just get drawn into magical worlds. So, I also wonder about a path into this field somehow. On top of that, over the years there have been many friends with good and bad experiences felt yet, I never hate the people I’m no longer in touch with. That’s Life! I wish them happiness and a positive life as I have managed to find. But, the thing is all of life events have shaped me whether its struggles, heartache or reaching goals and being a high achiever and I’m proud of where I am today because of this, and I hope other people can find the same feeling.

The Present

Well, as I mentioned I’m about to finish my undergraduate degree alongside nearly a year of blogging which I immensely proud of. It allows me to deal with my feelings, blog about life and speak to the world. So, I wonder if I could utilise this for a career, its enjoyable and I’d love to mix it with my other passions. Now I find myself looking for jobs and truly embracing adulthood because as a student I have noticed you are adults but, not quite? It is like the popular internet meme wherein someone suggests in adult situations they look for an adultier adult, which I find myself agreeing with. However, I am young so I can experience life, and where it takes me at my own pace. I think I’m a lot more zen nowadays, it goes with the positive outlook. You can’t change what you can’t control, so why do I have to control every situation? And, the way you look out on life, reflects your mental state among other things! So, I’m even more proud of myself when I look at the present alongside the past. And, with a life goal achieved I’m ready to look forward to the next!

The Future

I don’t know what that holds. I would hope a family, and travel and love and a career but, I cannot control everything. Although, beginning my steps into a career include sorting out my CV and finding something I’d love to do. I think the future is a mystery, it could go anywhere and I’m happy to take that road to see what I can achieve. I am a very goal orientated person, and I will set myself goals and achieve them when I can!

So, this short post is a bit reflexive and I know my blog has been reflecting on life lately however, when you are reaching the end of a chapter for your life then its time to look back and maybe try re-reading a few worn pages. Before I start writing the next chapter, and I do not have as much time to look back on life. It’s time to take that leap. Maybe, we should all look back, to the present and the future and be proud of who you’ve become.


Took a Little Trip Recently…

Clumsy. It should be my middle name. I wake up with more bruises, more injuries than I go to sleep with. I am a walking injury. My mum jokes that I should walk around wearing bubble wrap or have a rubber suit. I will sit down and find a mystery bruise or even manage to injure myself in some way leading to a game of how’d that happen? And with my memory, and the amount of times I walk into things or fall on a flat surface I have to think about which incident correlates to which bruise. In all fairness, when I’m at home I get to play ‘how’d that happen’ with my mum as she is just as bad. I don’t know if you can inherit clumsiness but, I’m inclined to believe so because she is just as bad as I am.


  • awkward in movement or handling things
  • done awkwardly or without skill
  • difficult to handle or use”

In all these definitions, I think I am being described. This leads me to tell you about the purpose of this post. It begun on Monday. I had cleared the stairs outside the front of my house, I was on a flat surface and BAM! On the floor, ankle swelling and in absolute agony. Yes, I managed to damage the soft tissue on my weak angle which means for the next month or so, I will have to spend time strengthening my ankle instead of running and improving my times and distance. I am currently on day three of a swollen ankle and practicing RICE.





I am currently participating in E, while I blog. Although, they still tell you to move on it also? It is about finding a balance I presume. The thing is…I’m busy and I have stuff to do so, a lot more moving has been done instead of resting. Lets hope that isn’t a bad thing.

The reason I’ve chosen to blog about this is because as someone whose sanity now relies upon being able to exercise or go for a run…it’s left me feeling lost. This is my weak angle, and I’ve done this injury years ago and by falling over I’ve done it again. You’d think I’d learn not to take so many little trips. I’ll begin to strengthen my ankle and adapt. Although any exercise blogs are more than welcome to make suggestions. Time to break out the research.


Why Are You a Champion?

You’ll have to excuse some of my posts, they may seem a little reflective but, as I am reaching a milestone in life, I find I am more reflective. The milestone I am speaking on; graduating from my undergraduate degree. Therefore, I feel like a champion! I feel that coming to the end of my education, with good grades from assignments I am a champion. I’ve completed an elected part of my life, which originally I was not even planning on attending university to begin with.

I am a champion! In my mind, I have achieved the goal I set out too and am now finishing up third year of university. Next, it will be looking for work, working on my  blog and eventually completing a Masters! The light is blinding at the end of this tunnel, and suddenly its time to fully enter adulthood. I found that whilst yes, I am an adult according to my age….21! At university, you are in limbo- not quite an adult but, you are because you have to look after yourself. Contrary to popular opinion student food is not always pasta, pasta in sauce packets, takeaway pizza and pot noodles. Some of us enjoy cooking, learning new dishes and learning to live. This makes you a champion in my eyes too because, it can be hard.

I think everyone should make a list of everything they feel they are champions of, it’ll be motivational, it’ll show you that you do not have to achieve big victories to be a champion and most importantly, it’ll make you smile. So, here is my list:

I am a champion because:

  1. I completed my dissertation.
  2. I moved out of my parents house for two years of university, realising I can live alone
  3. I can run eight miles, when I’m not injured (that’s a post for later)
  4. I can cook a multitude of dishes
  5. I finished one of my book series after years of collecting them
  6. I will be finishing university, leaving with a undergraduate degree
  7. I believe I am a champion

So, now its your turn. Why are you a champion? Leave a comment on this post if you’d like, or make a list and keep it to yourself. It’s a great motivational tool and you’ll smile. We are all champions.

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Killer Crime 

So, with my dissertation based on detective programmes, I’ve found myself thinking about all the shows I love! It’d be a a crime to have not watched any at all. My humble beginnings as an avid-crime show watcher began with my parents! They’ve watched them since as far as I can remember and it’s a common occurence in my house to guess who dunnit? And normally, myself and dad have cracked it before the end! 

They began the interest…

From Morse, to Endeavour, to Midsummer Murders, to Vera, to New Tricks, to Criminal Minds, to Law and Order SVU and many more. A Saturday night in, normally entails a crime show or two with dad guessing right and mum pretending to be mad she didn’t get it right. And I can’t recommend them enough! They are easy viewing but, they keep you on your toes too! 

Partners in Crime! Our prediction average is pretty good!

But, you’ll be wondering why I’m writing this post now. Well, I’m watching Vera as we speak and I’m going to do a top five of my favourites to watch! 

Here goes: 

  1. Criminal Minds: originally, I flicked onto this by accident and the programme was so good I decided to watch more and now I love it! From the brainy Dr Spencer Reid to the experience of David Rossi, this show keeps you guessing. Little is focused on the forensics and more is shown of the team, the killer and the profiling. After, a while I got my mum into the show and now she watches it regularly. 
  2. Vera: I’d seen a few before but, this show began with my parents. They liked it and I managed to catch an episode and I was hooked. It’s probably why I’m researching it for my dissertation! Vera is strong, grumpy, smart and curious all into one. It’s great and reminiscent of Morse. 
  3. Law and Order SVU: I can’t even remember how I began watching this show but it’s great. Focused on the victims and the cops, you see the gritty side of New York among other places. 
  4. Lewis: A spin-off from Morse, it focuses on a worn out Lewis coping with his mentor and wife’s death. Close friends and later lovers with the coroner you see the relationships grow! It’s demonstrates how the personal and the professional can get mixed together. My parents began this one, and I’ve loved it ever since. Currently, on Netflix you won’t want to miss it! 
  5. New Tricks: Something my mum found for us to watch! It’s great. A modern female boss mixed in with three old school cops stuck in their ways. It’s funny but, also focuses on the crimes. This team investigates the old, forgotten cases providing the family answers, they could never get. While clashing with each other’s methods they always seem to get the job done. 

So, these are my top five but we’ve all got crime shows we love. It’d be a crime not to watch a few! So, why not flick onto them next time you see them? 

Our crack crime solving team!
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Life Has a Way of Creeping Up on You

So, I’ve been sat doing work today, despite illness for an assignment that’s due in a few weeks time. And, as I packed up having written notes on the books I have and having found two more I want to look at before I find journal articles and write a plan this weekend for it. I found myself thinking about how fast final year has come around, it only seems like yesterday that I started first year after taking the decision in the summer to actually attend university. And so, this post is about reflecting on my growth and happiness and to encourage people to take chances. 

First Year: I was scared, wondering whether I’d made the right decision about Sheffield Hallam University and commuting from home, as it was the cheapest decision. But, as I started my assignments and managed to come out with a mid 2.1 overall for the entire year. I even managed to get my first, first which inspired me to carry on aiming for a good grade. Also, I made the decision to move out for second year which was huge because I’m so close to my family but, I wanted to experience university. The independence and the decision to go to university is one of the best decisions I made, it gave me perspective and I became happier and happier! 

Second Year: It was a little rocky at the beginning. I’d never lived on my own and it was hard to get into my own routine. But, after deciding to put myself first and learning how to budget-I’ve known how to look after myself for a while- I was happy. Happier than I’ve ever been which reflected in university with more firsts and leaving with a high 2.1 overall for my overall. I needed to learn to take breaks, and eat when I was doing work but, I did with the help of mum and dad. 

Third Year: So, semester one is over and although it was very stressful for me I have come out the other side. I got extremely good and consistent grades throughout and I’m hoping to carry that on in this semester. I’ve made a decision to come back and get a MASTERS after a year out, to get perspective ( I’ve been in education my entire life). But, I’m happy. I can sit back and be proud of everything I’ve achieved. 

But, now I’ll be in the real world and it has a funny way of creeping up on you. You don’t know how quickly it goes, university is only three years and I have to begin making decisions about what I want in life. I’m still close to my family, I have supportive friends and feel like I’m in the right place in life, that I need to be right now. 

So, all this from just doing some assignment work. I’ve made decisions today, that I need to have schedules sorted and make sure I have breaks so I don’t over stress. I’ll update my blog on my progress and my dissertation work over time. 


Are You a Bookmark Person or a Page-Folder?

Being a bookworm is easy…most of the time. They provide me with an escape from the world but fiction books, not academic books. And so, with third year coming to a close I’ll be able to pick up my books and read but I’ve been having a little bit of trouble lately- I’ve been busy and it’s hard to pick up a fiction book when you’ve been reading academic ones all day! However, I’m not here to discuss that. I’m going to discuss my top three book sets to unwind, based on how I unwind and the fact once I pick a book  up I cannot put it down till I finish it…

So here goes:

In Third  Place:

Harry Potter…it is a beautiful set that reminds me of my childhood and I think the day my mum realised I was a bookworm, and possibly reading higher than the age of 6/7. You see my parents read to us- me and John as they thought it was important, it taught us something and enabled us to have an active imagination away from screens…Anyway, I got tired of waiting to hear how the third Harry Potter book ended and took matters into my own hand…reading books 1-3 in the space of a week. I wasn’t as fast as I am now. John liked being read too and I was impatient. I was also his younger sister so, when john used to be mean or annoyed me I’d threaten to tell him how the story ended. After that, my book collections began.

In Second Place:

Percy Jackson…not just the original set but, the one produced after featuring a greek/roman crossover too. And even my brother speeds through these books which means they must be good. You see, I commandeered the first book from John, after I read it and wanted to read the rest of the series. He was getting rid of it, so really it was a rescue mission and I buy them all. I’ve even started the series based on Apollo. Any who, it is a great series- its easy and I just love the story even though I know how it goes? I know odd right. That is the earmark of a good book, that and a cracked spine because that means it’s been opened a few dozen times.

And The Winner Is:

The Morganville Vampire Series…all 16 of them if you count the book of short stories which I do! Who wouldn’t want to unwind with these books. They are funny, entertaining, sad and happy! Basically a mix of emotions. I started this series after a very kind person from Waterstones turned me onto them, when I was deciding on a new set of books. It’s ONE of the best series I’ve ever read. Rest assured I’ll be back to the books soon. I would say allotting time for half an hour every night would be good but, I can never put a book down after half an hour, or half way through a chapter or if I need to see what happens in the next chapter.

Anyone else organise bookstore shelves so the series is in order? 👌👌

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I have a question for you all out there. Bookworms unite. Are you a bookmark person or a page-folder. I’m a self-confessed page-folder and yes I know its bad but, I cannot help it! Even my mum tells me off for folding the page, she is a bookworm and uses a bookmark.


smell your way to happiness

So, the daily prompt is ‘Scent’ and I’m going to honest with you the first thing that popped into my head was…Ok-that’s a little weird. And then, it struck me! I always right these posts about the first thing that pops into my head but, in that case I’d never write about anything. So, the second thing that popped into my head was my favourite perfume…Lady Gaga’s Fame. In essence, I’ve been thinking about it all day because I’ve just run out of my other perfume and so, I get to open my new bottle which of course will be may favourite perfume.

However, that inspired myself to write a post about my favourite scents! You see scent can be defined as:

“A Distinctive Smell, Especially One That is Pleasant”

And yes, a scent can be something that smells bad, whiffy, odorous but I want to focus on my favourite scents, especially on this particularly wet day in England, South Yorkshire. You see, my friend messaged me this morning about the rain and how she did not like it but, there is just something about rain that I love. I do not know why, maybe it’s growing up in England where rain is almost always constant, or just having fun times in the rain when I’ve been camping with my family? So, here is my list:

The Fresh Smell in the Air After it Rains!!- I hail from a small ex-minors village, with the Peak District on my doorstep and fields surround my little village and so, when it rains the air smells so fresh which I love! Who wouldn’t? It makes living around farms, walking trails and the countryside seem worth it for the smell of fresh rain air. Not that it smells horrible otherwise, it just has a smell of freshness after rain as if all the clogged air clears and the day is fresh? Also, having camped my entire life- it seems we get caught in a lot of rain. It’s actually a running joke in my family that the weather thinks:

“The Watson’s are going on holiday, and look they have all their camping stuff…lets follow them and rain!”

But, I love it and the pitter patter sound and the smell after is even better!

My Favourite Perfume- So, you already know that it is Lady Gaga’s Fame but, now I’ll tell you why. I honestly do not know… you see I got it for Christmas one year, and I loved it from the very first spritz. All I do know, is that it is my favourite perfume and I love the smell. You know when you stand in the train station and get that slight whiff of a women’s perfume, or men’s aftershave (provided it doesn’t smell like they’ve bathed in the stuff so much that you don’t want to walk behind someone because the smell is blinding), I can be putting my scarf on and catch a slight smell of the perfume and a smile comes to my face.

Mum’s Bread- So, my mum has started making bread and it’s been very successful. The smell is amazing, she pulls it out and when it is cooling the smell spreads through our kitchen. It definitely makes you hungry, and wanting to eat it but, obviously it needs to cool down first.

Mums First Attempt at Bread

And finally,

Fresh Bed Sheets from the airing cupboard…- I have always liked this smell for some reason, after my bed gets made I just want to dive in and be surrounded by the smell of fresh bed linen? Odd, but it just smells of home! We all have something that reminds of us home, and that scent just reminds me of home, and the family including Jet (the dog). I guess that is one reason I like to bring my stuff home from Uni, so I can bring them back after my visit with a little reminder of home.

So, why don’t you all just think about the scents you love,  and if you are a blogger then maybe write a blog? Just be happy, and this little thought exercise will make you smile, think of memories (hopefully good ones) and distract you from the world for a while…

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