Made-Up Film Poster For Assignment Wilson's Reprieve

Story Telling- Wilsons Reprieve

Throughout university, we choose subjects to focus upon throughout our degrees. I chose to take storytelling in hopes it would develop and bring forward my creativity-something I felt I had lost a little after deciding against going into the production industry as I originally thought I wanted too.

In this module, we had two assignments which could be interlinked with each other, if we chose that route. Firstly, we had  to create a story treatment- for those a little lost you simply create a story but then follow guidelines such as the three act structure to sell it to an investor. I developed a story about a young female thief searching for her family honor who is still ultimately the little girl from the night everything changed for her and so, she and her father try to regain their honor while evading the law and encountering personal issues. Secondly, we had to create a presentation selling a ‘concept’- a new one or you could develop your idea from the first assignment. I chose to develop my story searching for possible acting choices, directing choices, deciding on budgets (this is all hypothetical of course). Upon, extending my idea I decided to create a possible poster for my ‘film’ and I am very proud of this work which is why I decided to share it.

Now there may be some out in the world that understand Photoshop and how to create masterpieces through simply editing. I, although a media student am new to Photoshop constantly learning new tricks. Its simple to teach yourself, Google and You Tube are tools of learning which should be used!

Made-Up Film Poster For Assignment Wilson's Reprieve
The Poster I Created For My Assignment

I am very proud of this. I had never created something on this level within Photoshop. It may seem easy but, it was quite hard as I had never tried this before. As a media student, I have found that you don’t simply just sit editing and creating constantly you also, have to learn theory and apply media to the real world and so, it is up to you as someone passionate in media to teach yourself, become the best you can be and learn new skills constantly.