Project Overview

Welcome to my Professional and Academic Development Site.

This site is based upon a mandatory module taken by second year BA Media students aimed at the professional and academic development of us in preparation for our third and final year. Professional and Academic Development (PAD) binds the modules we have previously taken together teaching us how to use the information from other modules within our academic life but also, our professional life.

For example, I have chosen a possible dissertation topic based upon the detective drama ‘New Tricks’, in order to confirm this topic, I have had to research into detective drama finding little coverage upon ‘New Tricks’ in the academic world so now, I am considering changing the question, in relation to Media Audiences- a module took within first year, which showed a range of theory in relation to television programs that could be applied.

Also, this module assists in making choices for the future, teaching us how the skills that we have learnt throughout university can be applied to applying, attending interviews and assessment centers and accepting a job, in such a way that we appeal to the interviewer’s and the companies for which we have applied.  A wide range of lectures have been organised through the university so to, gain an understanding of the changing professional environment from returning students (grad talk) to employers and visitors from the media industry (creative pathways).

For Professional and Academic Development, there are two assignments that I need to pass in order to complete the module. The first task is a WordPress Journal (this WordPress actually) which I am supposed to log and reflect upon my learning throughout the module and course. The second task is a dissertation proposal and a one thousand word literature review, the dissertation to be completed in my third year.

In order, to complete my WordPress journal, I have followed four learning outcomes each with a corresponding page on the WordPress site that I have set up. The learning outcomes are:

  • shows an understanding and can apply the principals of effective project design
  • identifies and evaluates resources for academic and applied research
  • making and justifying decisions about a topic and approach
  • academic and professional factors that impact on project work

Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope you enjoy what you are about to read. In order, to change to one of the four learning outcome pages there is a drop down menu with the heading navigation.

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