Autumn; Family, Films, Comfy Clothes and Beautiful Colours!


Well, for those that were not aware before Autumn began in the last week of September. Now, I know what you’re thinking? Yeah, Alright onto the next one…But, I’m not joking we’ve been in Autumn for an entire month from tomorrow. If you don’t believe me Google It! You’ve done it, right? Now, you’re in shock. But, that’s okay because we can’t blame you for not noticing. It has been pretty warm and summery for about half of October too. It’s this years weather patterns. I think its thrown us off a little bit, in terms of noticing the changing seasons. Even the leaves only began to fall, around the second week of October.

But, I noticed. You see, this is my favourite season throughout the entire year. And yes, my birthday is in October but that is not the reason I like it. Although, I’m not saying I don’t enjoy my birthday. I am an Autumn baby, as my parents call it, but so is my dad and he loves the summer so, you can’t really say just because your born in a particular season that is why you love it. But, at the same time, my mum always told me this from a young age that I’m an Autumn baby and that’s why she thinks I love the season. And, in a sense I can see her logic too. I just love Autumn.

My top six favourite things about Autumn:

  1. The Changing Colours

In Winter, we have no leaves and in Spring, everything is growing back. And in Summer, everything is just green-like there’s not contrasts it’s just green. I love to look out of my window in the morning and see browns, oranges, reds. The colour of Autumn- they just make me smile. I love how everything is different.

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Big Jumpers, Hats, Gloves, Scarves and Thick Coats=Bliss!-

There is something about being able to wear oversized jumpers, hats, gloves, scarves and a thick coat that makes me warm up inside. I love it, I think it’s because they’re my favourite type of clothes but in Summer, it’s always too warm to wear them and I have resort to wearing tight, uncomfortable clothing. In the Autumn wherever I am, you’ll find I’ll always be carrying a hat in my bag. It could be warm when you leave in the morning but freezing on your way home!

The Wet Weather-

Now, I am from England so I am pretty used to rain all year around but, there’s something about rain in the Autumn. It picks up a lot more so, the air always feels so fresh especially after a warm summer like this year. Also, despite being clumsy I love how slippery this season is however, I don’t like when people get injured. It just makes for an interesting season.

    4. Yes, it is my Birthday-

We all look forward to our birthday’s whether it’s a milestone year or just another one passing you by. Anyway, I’m still in the excited phase of when my birthday comes around. I’m the baby in my family (my main family so; parents, brother, grandparents) and mine is the last birthday to come around. It’s around Halloween so, there are sweets everywhere, pumpkins. This just gets me even happier. But, it’s one of the reasons that I love Autumn.

    5. Halloween…BOO!-

I’m a huge fan of Halloween, I love the Halloweentown Disney Movies. They are my tradition. So, as Autumn begins I count down the days I can sit inside, wrap up and chill on the sofa with awesome films and family. Also, how amazing are all the costumes, especially those who make loads of effort. I’m expecting a lot of Harley Quinn this year. Halloween is just one of the reasons I love Autumn.

    6. Shorter Days and Darker Nights

It gets darker earlier, and it doesn’t lighten up till later on in the day around 7am. And I love it. I find it’s too light all the time in the summer whereas, sleeping is much easier later on in the year. It’s just the time of the year that I come out of my shell so, obviously I’m going to like it. The only thing I’m not a fan of is walking back in the dark while, living in the city. However, I do normally just ring someone and have a chat making me feel much better. Thanks Mum for being my phone friend…

Story Time!

So, this year my dad was so reluctant to let go of Summer as much as we tried to convince him otherwise he was insistent it wasn’t Autumn until the middle of October. I am much like my father so, I took it upon myself to ruin his fantasy and used Google to show him when Autumn started. He lost his plausible deniability. As a side note, my dad is a huge tease and forever takes the mick out of you and what you’re doing…so, I had to ruin his Summer fantasy you see. Otherwise, how else could I get him back for the 13 weeks worth of teasing I endured over the holidays…