My Nan’s Christmas Tarts

“Traditions, family, cheer and laughter! XMAS is approaching fast…Preparations must start soon!”

Sheffield Christmas Market thrives every year, and I always look forward to the cakes, desserts, sweets stands because I just love the smell. But, I don’t over-indulge in that type of food anymore, the key to success in dropping some of the weight I’d gained over the last few years.

Instantly, I saw this daily prompt and I knew I wanted to write about the xmas market. There is a small link to ‘tart’ but, this is the first thought that popped into my head which, I find is the best way to blog. Last year, I had begun living in Sheffield and so, I got to enjoy the magnitude and popularity of our xmas market. It was great, you get to try foods from around the world, drinks-alcoholic and normal, cakes, buy knick knacks and jewellery.

I splashed out on some earrings last year however, I wanted to buy stuff from every stall but, I’m a student and so, I have to be responisble with my money. Especially, with xmas fast approaching and presents to buy. I normally split the load with my older brother, John however, this year he’s having to buy his own mostly-nan and grandad are still a joint venture. In all our families, we have someone that is difficult to buy for…Grandad is the culprut in our family. What do you buy for the 80 year old man with everything? It’s impossible. I already bought him the Dad’s Army Box Set for his birthday, so I’ve had my one good idea for the year present wise with him. He’s currently thinking about it himself, maybe we’ve finally reached the point where he doesn’t need anything!

Here comes the link to tarts! There is nothing better than home cooking and my nan loves to bake so, every year she makes mince pies, jam tarts and lemon curd tarts which taste amazing and there are always so many of them that we have enough to last January. It’s my favourite time of year, who doesn’t love christmas baking and we all have traditions like this which is great. Overall, it’s the time of year that we all come together and celebrate as a family. I wish I could bring my nan to Sheffields Christmas Market and see her face as she gets ideas about what to bake this year.

One day it’ll be my tradition, with my family and I’ll be the baker who goes to a Christmas Market for celebration but for the time being, it’s still my nans job. All I know, it’s getting to that time of year where frost makes your nose red, we sniffle even if we don’t have a cold and the fluffy coats, hats and gloves begin to make appearances. The latter half of the year is always my favourite time of year, it’s the seasons I thrive in!!

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