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Time to Embrace Change!

So, I’m about to start a new adventure, one to propel me into adulthood because I’ve recently completed my last assignment of a university degree and unless, something goes terribly wrong then I’m hoping to have passed. Now, I find myself looking forward to the future, reconsidering my past and embracing the present. Of course, your own worst enemy is yourself.

I have a list of things to complete:

  1. Get a Job
  2. Travel
  3. Buy a Car
  4. Go Back to do a Masters Eventually…

But for now, I’ll settle with planning trips with my friends, looking forward to graduation, making memories and finding a job. Yet I still find myself looking at the first nearly twenty-two years of my life and wondering what would have happened if I’d have took a few different turns on the road of life. I know it is said, that you should never look back, you should always look forward but, I cannot help and think that I would not be the person I am today without my past, and I would never have gone to university.

The Past

Well, as a kid I was sporty and I still love sports today even if it is more recreational and a great de-stresser so, I do find myself wondering about a path in sports. My other love is reading, I’ve always been interested in books and I love to snuggle in a small corner with my book and just get drawn into magical worlds. So, I also wonder about a path into this field somehow. On top of that, over the years there have been many friends with good and bad experiences felt yet, I never hate the people I’m no longer in touch with. That’s Life! I wish them happiness and a positive life as I have managed to find. But, the thing is all of life events have shaped me whether its struggles, heartache or reaching goals and being a high achiever and I’m proud of where I am today because of this, and I hope other people can find the same feeling.

The Present

Well, as I mentioned I’m about to finish my undergraduate degree alongside nearly a year of blogging which I immensely proud of. It allows me to deal with my feelings, blog about life and speak to the world. So, I wonder if I could utilise this for a career, its enjoyable and I’d love to mix it with my other passions. Now I find myself looking for jobs and truly embracing adulthood because as a student I have noticed you are adults but, not quite? It is like the popular internet meme wherein someone suggests in adult situations they look for an adultier adult, which I find myself agreeing with. However, I am young so I can experience life, and where it takes me at my own pace. I think I’m a lot more zen nowadays, it goes with the positive outlook. You can’t change what you can’t control, so why do I have to control every situation? And, the way you look out on life, reflects your mental state among other things! So, I’m even more proud of myself when I look at the present alongside the past. And, with a life goal achieved I’m ready to look forward to the next!

The Future

I don’t know what that holds. I would hope a family, and travel and love and a career but, I cannot control everything. Although, beginning my steps into a career include sorting out my CV and finding something I’d love to do. I think the future is a mystery, it could go anywhere and I’m happy to take that road to see what I can achieve. I am a very goal orientated person, and I will set myself goals and achieve them when I can!

So, this short post is a bit reflexive and I know my blog has been reflecting on life lately however, when you are reaching the end of a chapter for your life then its time to look back and maybe try re-reading a few worn pages. Before I start writing the next chapter, and I do not have as much time to look back on life. It’s time to take that leap. Maybe, we should all look back, to the present and the future and be proud of who you’ve become.


Killer Crime 

So, with my dissertation based on detective programmes, I’ve found myself thinking about all the shows I love! It’d be a a crime to have not watched any at all. My humble beginnings as an avid-crime show watcher began with my parents! They’ve watched them since as far as I can remember and it’s a common occurence in my house to guess who dunnit? And normally, myself and dad have cracked it before the end! 

They began the interest…

From Morse, to Endeavour, to Midsummer Murders, to Vera, to New Tricks, to Criminal Minds, to Law and Order SVU and many more. A Saturday night in, normally entails a crime show or two with dad guessing right and mum pretending to be mad she didn’t get it right. And I can’t recommend them enough! They are easy viewing but, they keep you on your toes too! 

Partners in Crime! Our prediction average is pretty good!

But, you’ll be wondering why I’m writing this post now. Well, I’m watching Vera as we speak and I’m going to do a top five of my favourites to watch! 

Here goes: 

  1. Criminal Minds: originally, I flicked onto this by accident and the programme was so good I decided to watch more and now I love it! From the brainy Dr Spencer Reid to the experience of David Rossi, this show keeps you guessing. Little is focused on the forensics and more is shown of the team, the killer and the profiling. After, a while I got my mum into the show and now she watches it regularly. 
  2. Vera: I’d seen a few before but, this show began with my parents. They liked it and I managed to catch an episode and I was hooked. It’s probably why I’m researching it for my dissertation! Vera is strong, grumpy, smart and curious all into one. It’s great and reminiscent of Morse. 
  3. Law and Order SVU: I can’t even remember how I began watching this show but it’s great. Focused on the victims and the cops, you see the gritty side of New York among other places. 
  4. Lewis: A spin-off from Morse, it focuses on a worn out Lewis coping with his mentor and wife’s death. Close friends and later lovers with the coroner you see the relationships grow! It’s demonstrates how the personal and the professional can get mixed together. My parents began this one, and I’ve loved it ever since. Currently, on Netflix you won’t want to miss it! 
  5. New Tricks: Something my mum found for us to watch! It’s great. A modern female boss mixed in with three old school cops stuck in their ways. It’s funny but, also focuses on the crimes. This team investigates the old, forgotten cases providing the family answers, they could never get. While clashing with each other’s methods they always seem to get the job done. 

So, these are my top five but we’ve all got crime shows we love. It’d be a crime not to watch a few! So, why not flick onto them next time you see them? 

Our crack crime solving team!

Getting Out of a Christmas Slump!

If your active, an exerciser or just like to keep in shape sometimes around Christmas you let your workout routine slip. It can be for a variety of reasons- some beyond your control and others completely in your control! For example, I was hankered down by deadlines and suffering from a knee injury which turned out to be a ligament issue so, every time I walked, did stairs or stayed in a position where my knees were bent for a period of time- I was in agony. On top of that I had ASSIGNMENT deadlines to focus on, and that meant exercising slipped.

I managed to find some time, I slipped in a couple of days of yoga and did plenty of crunches, press-up, leg raises, squats among other exercises as well as maintaining a healthy diet I didn’t put weight on over the holidays-SCORE! But, once assignments were in, illness had been beaten and my knee finally healed I had no excuses and so, last weekend I completed my first run of the year-just under four miles and it was bliss which has led to the kick start in my exercise routine again. However, I will have to build some fitness back- four miles felt like what six miles felt like last year so, I have some work to do but, my trusty new running gear with some old favourites should have myself back in shape, in no time!

Now, I’m looking for more videos on YouTube to kick start the fitness, and fit it ALL around University, Dissertation work etc. Its back to normal life, I will say I need to get my food habits back in check- we all have cheeky cheat days over Christmas and I was one of those few. I will say being ill helped, I didn’t feel as hungry all the time and I’ve drunk so much green tea to get warm, I think I’ll being pee-ing tea soon enough! Anyway, there are a few ways to get out of that Christmas slump from my own experience and here they are:

  1. Don’t Stop Exercising Over Christmas- If you stop exercising you are bound to get into a slump so, even if it’s walking your new dogs (remember dogs are for life, not just for CHRISTMAS) or going for a walk to get away from the stress of wrapping, decorating and speaking to the countless family members, do it! It’s exercise, and I can tell you that the stress will disappear and you’ll feel like you can conquer the world. And yes, I know it is cold but that should be no reason for you to stop- there are hats, gloves and scarves to help you equip this. And, if it really is to cold then, fire up that dusty exercise DVD you got a few Christmases ago and get started with that, or google exercises on the internet. There is no reason for you to stop.
  2. Get the Family Involved- Your family may not exercise, they may tell you to give yourself a rest because you’ve exercised all year and when you see them gorging on chocolate and sweets, buns and mince pies it is hard to resist but, if you exercise you won’t have to. If your family try to get you to join the couch potato-way get them involved. If you have young kids go for a walk, its the holiday’s and even for the kids after the first week off we become bored and we’ve played with everything. If you have family members talking about wanting to lose weight, vowing to start after Christmas get them involved early, or start together in the January and be each others motivator.
  3. Just Get that First Exercise Day Over With!- Yes, it is hard to get back into the exercise after a break so start small and do some crunches but, if you are a runner like me, it is all about getting that first run out of the way and then you’ll remember why you exercise in the first place. So, go the gym and get started and you’ll feel the burn but, that is how you know its working!

And I know, you may attend the gym year round, or go to the park for your run and there is more people out that normal and your running route is clogged but, that’s the way it works. It may be frustrating that you cannot get onto the treadmill but, soon the people who are purely there for a “new years resolution” will disappear because until they are exercising for themselves, NOT a resolution they’ll stop turning up to the gym and by February order will be restored. So, that is my few tips and I apologise for not posting in a while but, assignments and other tasks that needed completing got in the way and made me busy.


Autumn; Family, Films, Comfy Clothes and Beautiful Colours!


Well, for those that were not aware before Autumn began in the last week of September. Now, I know what you’re thinking? Yeah, Alright onto the next one…But, I’m not joking we’ve been in Autumn for an entire month from tomorrow. If you don’t believe me Google It! You’ve done it, right? Now, you’re in shock. But, that’s okay because we can’t blame you for not noticing. It has been pretty warm and summery for about half of October too. It’s this years weather patterns. I think its thrown us off a little bit, in terms of noticing the changing seasons. Even the leaves only began to fall, around the second week of October.

But, I noticed. You see, this is my favourite season throughout the entire year. And yes, my birthday is in October but that is not the reason I like it. Although, I’m not saying I don’t enjoy my birthday. I am an Autumn baby, as my parents call it, but so is my dad and he loves the summer so, you can’t really say just because your born in a particular season that is why you love it. But, at the same time, my mum always told me this from a young age that I’m an Autumn baby and that’s why she thinks I love the season. And, in a sense I can see her logic too. I just love Autumn.

My top six favourite things about Autumn:

  1. The Changing Colours

In Winter, we have no leaves and in Spring, everything is growing back. And in Summer, everything is just green-like there’s not contrasts it’s just green. I love to look out of my window in the morning and see browns, oranges, reds. The colour of Autumn- they just make me smile. I love how everything is different.

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Big Jumpers, Hats, Gloves, Scarves and Thick Coats=Bliss!-

There is something about being able to wear oversized jumpers, hats, gloves, scarves and a thick coat that makes me warm up inside. I love it, I think it’s because they’re my favourite type of clothes but in Summer, it’s always too warm to wear them and I have resort to wearing tight, uncomfortable clothing. In the Autumn wherever I am, you’ll find I’ll always be carrying a hat in my bag. It could be warm when you leave in the morning but freezing on your way home!

The Wet Weather-

Now, I am from England so I am pretty used to rain all year around but, there’s something about rain in the Autumn. It picks up a lot more so, the air always feels so fresh especially after a warm summer like this year. Also, despite being clumsy I love how slippery this season is however, I don’t like when people get injured. It just makes for an interesting season.

    4. Yes, it is my Birthday-

We all look forward to our birthday’s whether it’s a milestone year or just another one passing you by. Anyway, I’m still in the excited phase of when my birthday comes around. I’m the baby in my family (my main family so; parents, brother, grandparents) and mine is the last birthday to come around. It’s around Halloween so, there are sweets everywhere, pumpkins. This just gets me even happier. But, it’s one of the reasons that I love Autumn.

    5. Halloween…BOO!-

I’m a huge fan of Halloween, I love the Halloweentown Disney Movies. They are my tradition. So, as Autumn begins I count down the days I can sit inside, wrap up and chill on the sofa with awesome films and family. Also, how amazing are all the costumes, especially those who make loads of effort. I’m expecting a lot of Harley Quinn this year. Halloween is just one of the reasons I love Autumn.

Are you even doing Halloween properly if you don't have personalized M&Ms? #halloween @mms_uk

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    6. Shorter Days and Darker Nights

It gets darker earlier, and it doesn’t lighten up till later on in the day around 7am. And I love it. I find it’s too light all the time in the summer whereas, sleeping is much easier later on in the year. It’s just the time of the year that I come out of my shell so, obviously I’m going to like it. The only thing I’m not a fan of is walking back in the dark while, living in the city. However, I do normally just ring someone and have a chat making me feel much better. Thanks Mum for being my phone friend…

Story Time!

So, this year my dad was so reluctant to let go of Summer as much as we tried to convince him otherwise he was insistent it wasn’t Autumn until the middle of October. I am much like my father so, I took it upon myself to ruin his fantasy and used Google to show him when Autumn started. He lost his plausible deniability. As a side note, my dad is a huge tease and forever takes the mick out of you and what you’re doing…so, I had to ruin his Summer fantasy you see. Otherwise, how else could I get him back for the 13 weeks worth of teasing I endured over the holidays…